back to the salt mines

The excitement of the holidays is over and it’s time to get back to business as usual, but I’m having a hard time getting motivated to do much work at all. I’m really missing the tree and decorations, special treats, and all those boxes. Even Kitty was nice for the holidays – she even played a few games of hide & seek with me. (I’ll never understand how she ALWAYS wins because I’m a very skilled hider!)

As a transition back to serious writing and brand building, I thought I would reminisce about my favorite box of the season. Some of you might recognize it – previously it wore striped wrapping paper. That was a fantastic box, and my human recycled it yesterday. I may have loved it just a bit too much…


16 comments on “back to the salt mines

  1. Pedro it appears that you “left your mark” on that favorite box of the holiday season….and now it’s gone to the great recycling center in the sky. We can all just look forward to the next “box occasion” I suppose – maybe your human will order something that will arrive in a NEW box ripe for ripping??? We can only hope.

    Your Bud Sammy

  2. My hat’s off to ou for a fabtabulous job on the box. I leave all the peeps Kleenex boxes looking like that. Still, I bet the thing that came in the box can mix some pawsome Niptinis.

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