got pedro?

Last week one of my loyal and brilliant fans suggested that I send my udderly fantastic cow costume photos to the Got Milk? people.  At first I thought it was a silly idea, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.  Can you imagine me impersonating a cow in a milk ad?  I might need to have some more professional photos taken of me wearing the udder first, though.  Those sad looking horns beside me are a little disturbing.


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  1. Pedro I think being a spokeskitty for the milk industry is a fabulous idea. You certainly have the look, the purrsonality – I mean why not??? I say GO FOR IT. As for the little brown thing by your foot in this picture….well…..without being indelicate here, I suggest you NOT include this particular photo in your portfolio – I do agree that it’s a little disturbing not knowing what that…er…um…might be (if you get my drift). This whole “Got Pedro” thing could be just the ticket to stardom you’ve been waiting for! 😉

    Your BFC, Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! I was just over at your place… The more I think about it, the more I think being a milk spokeskitty would be really fantastic. I’m going to have to get some udderly perfect udder pics, though… I’m so excited! 😀

    • I’m doing it, Littlemiao! I AM the best cowkitty in the world. I ordered comp cards (that’s model lingo for a card with photos) from Snapfish and I’m going for it! I’m envisioning myself on billboards across the nation…

  2. Brilliant, Pedro!! Go for it.

    And don’t worry about the horns, dairy cows do not have horns. Well, to be accurate, they are born with little horn buds which are removed, no one wants to get gored milking a cow. It would be an accident since most dairy cows are very gentle animals.

    Via Shez

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