it’s official – i’m wonderful!






My best blogging buddy cat, Sammy of One Spoiled Cat, awarded me with a wonderful award.  THE Wonderful Blog Award, in fact.  I’m very excited about this one, since I really am wonderful.  Thanks, Sammy!

Naturally, there are some rules for the awardees.  They are:

1.  You must be a follower of my blog.  Done.

2. You must link the award back to my blog.  Gotcha.

3. You must pass the award on to three other blogs.  Okee-Dokee.

Here are my three nominees and the reasons I chose them (drumroll and fanfare, please!):

The Miao Chronicles – Every day Littlemiao posts beautiful photos of her gaggle of cats. They are all gorgeous cats, but the little tripod kitten she rescued last summer is so charming and lovely and wonderful that I just melt every time I see him. And he’s going to be gigantic, like me!

Lemonysqueezes – Lemony is a volunteer at Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation’s shelter for cats, and she posts stories and photos from the time she spends with the special needs cats there.  The stories of her cats just make my heart ache. Billy Bob is almost as handsome as I, and CATarina would love a home where the humans spelled her name correctly. Little Holly yearns for a quiet home, and Sox will be looking for an energetic family to provide lots of playtime soon. And there are so many more, slightly less than perfect cats that just want a home. Lemony is wonderful for the time and love she gives these cats. And the cats are wonderful just because they are.

Catself – Bugs is the coolest, toughest housecat on the block. He’s adapting to life off the streets, but he’s still a bit rough around the edges.  And he & I share a hobby – door climbing.  He’ll perch on any old door, but I prefer the bifold type…  Bugs’ Bean is a wise woman and wonderful storyteller with an interesting point of view.  And that makes for a wonderful blog.

Thanks again, Sammy!  You’re the best!


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  1. Hey Pedro! Mom and I knew you were WONDERFUL the minute we discovered your blog… haven’t let us down in the “wonderful” department since. Now we can be WONDERFUL together! We’re going to check out your nominees – any friend of YOURS should be a friend of ours……

    Your bud Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! A head bump and high-six to you, buddy! I know how much you liked my middle initial in Maru’s letter, so I was going to give you a middle initial in this post. It was U, for Unspoiled. And then I realized I don’t know your last name, which makes a middle initial less impressive. Sorry that I failed you on that one, Sammy. I guess we just hit it off so well that we don’t need names!

  2. Congratulations, Pedro. You are indeed wonderful, but then, aren’t we all??

    How’s is the “got milk” deal working? That would be so awesome to see you on TV. I like watching really good TV, like nature shows and football.

    Nap time,

    • Aloha, Duke! We all are wonderful, but I might be just a tad wonderfuller. 😉 I think I’m going to go for the got milk? thing. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could get paid in milk? Or even cows. I could be the first cow spotted cat to own a dairy cow!

      I do hope I get a feather like that. I need to plant that seed in my human’s noggin somehow…

  3. Oh, and by the way, do you get one of those fabulous feathers like on the award? I totally love to play with feathers, they are awesome.

    Z z z z z z z z

  4. Oh TOO MUCH!!!! We are so thrilled over here!!! Actually feeling the heat on my face when I think of what you said about us. You are SO SWEET. And I’m so excited to learn that Lemony is a volunteer @ Helen O. Krause. I came across that name, over a year ago, when I was reading about an incredible act of kindness and generosity somebody over there extended to a woman trying to help heal a feral cat. Here’s what I wrote back then

    — and I MUST get in touch with Lemony too. So exciting.

  5. Hooray! Congratulations, Pedro! You ARE wonderful! You are also so generous, charming, and inspiring. Thank you so much for including me and the kitties of SP#1 from the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation on your list! It is an absolute honor! Thank you!

    • Congratulations to you, Lemony! You’re wonderful, too! And how funny that Catself wrote a post about HOKAFI last year. It’s a small world here on the internet… I suppose it would be too much for me to tell Bugs and his Bean that their prize for winning this award is a lovely cat named CATarina? Or maybe feisty little Sox??

  6. Awww, thank you Pedro! You’re wonderful. You’re the wonderfullest cowkitty ever. Sprocket is super-excited about accepting the peacock feather award. He plans to pounce on it and gobble it up in one mouthful.

      • Congratulations, Littlemiao. You’re wonderful, too! I’m really hoping to convince my human to get me a peacock feather to celebrate the award. I love them, too!

        I find that the USPS boxes are fabulous for lounging around the house. A little like a Snuggie, but better… In considering Wisconsin as a travel destination, I have to say that I know that Wisconsin has cheese, but only Oregon has Tillamook Medium Cheddar. And I hear Wisconsin is cold. I’ve been so cold this week that I’ve barely left my human’s lap in days, and it’s 75 degrees. So I’m going to have to disappoint poor little Sprocket this time. Sorry. 😦

        • It’s going to be 4 degrees here tomorrow, so I think you’re wise to stay where you are. 75 sounds like paradise. One of my objectives for the coming year is to find a warmer place to live. Chun prefers French cheese, so maybe we should look at France.

          We get our peacock feathers from our favorite local pet supply store. I always feel a little guilty because I don’t know how they get the feathers. Do peacocks donate them when they get newer feathers?

          • French cheese can be a little stinky. I’m recommending Tillamook, Oregon – that many cows can’t be wrong!

            My human has an inside source for peacock feathers – she gets them right off the bird. Or, I guess she really gets them as soon as the bird drops them. I hope that’s how it goes, anyway… Regular pet store feathers are sort of like Locks of Love, I think. Kind Peacocks donate them to unfortunate kitties that can’t grow feathers…

          • Finally the Miaos accepted the award! They were fighting over who got to play with the peacock feather first.

            It’s very cool that your peep has her own special supply of peacock feathers. Do you think we could invite a peacock to live at the Miao House – free room and board in exchange for an unlimited supply of feathers and also some basic housework and babysitting services?

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