proof of my sweet side

I know that Kitty makes it sound like I’m a big bully cat that’s always picking on her.  She complains that I groom her too much (as if there could ever be too much grooming!) and try to play with her all the time.  Well, tonight I have photographic evidence documenting just how generous and kind I am to her.

Remember that fantastic box I celebrated winter solstice in?  Kitty started squatting in the box days ago, and I’m letting her stay there.  I know that the solstice box is a great haven, and Kitty deserves a nice place to snuggle up and wait out the bad weather we’ve been having.  See – I’m not such a bad guy!

enjoying winter solstice in my cozy box

Kitty living in MY solstice box









It’s a little strange – I’m not really sure if she’s come out of the box since it started getting stormy on Monday.  But my human checks on her a few times a day to make sure she’s still breathing…  Kitty gets really cranky every time our human lifts that lid!


7 comments on “proof of my sweet side

  1. Well Pedro I think it’s VERY generous of you to share the solstice box with Kitty – especially if she’s obviously “hiding out” until your weather gets better. If lightning and thunder are involved I “feel her pain” because I’m NOT a fan of all that rumbling and stuff either. A sturdy and private solstice box is just the ticket. You’re a considerate guy! 😉

    Your BFC Sam

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