pedro the happy cow

I did it! I had some comp cards printed (that’s modelspeak for a card with photos) with my best udder shots, and I’ve written a letter of introduction to the people who do the “Happy Cow” ads. I think I’d make a really good Happy Cow Cat…  Any suggestions before I stick this in the mail?


Dear California Milk Advisory Board,

My name is Pedro the Cat, and I have some amazing ideas that build on your “Happy Cow” ad campaign. But first, let me introduce myself. I am a fabulous cow-spotted and career-oriented feline. I am currently owner and editor of the popular blog “Maru Can Kiss My Furry…” and am working on my first manuscript, which is destined for the Best Seller list.  I’m also a student of Bovinity, and recently I was honored to be named one of the Top Ten Cows of 2011 by the blog “Every Day I See A Cow.”

I know that the “Happy Cow” ads are popular, but I would like to propose an improvement that would draw a much larger demographic’s interest, in addition to being more economical. I would like to be your next Happy Cow. You can see from the enclosed comp card that I am quite stunning while wearing my prosthetic udder, and I certainly have the look of a Happy Cow. Can you imagine the reaction of cow and cat fans across the nation as they see Pedro the Cat as the California Milk Advisory Board’s official postercowkitty? 

In addition to gaining the attention of cat lovers everywhere, working with a feline would also be much more cost effective and would certainly involve less feces than working with common, untrained livestock.  Additionally, cats are famous for their love of dairy products (although milk does make me a bit flatulent).  Perhaps you could hone in on an important market in California Dairy products as cat treats.

 I urge you to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this new ad campaign and contractual issues. I am on the verge of fame, so any hesitation on your part might mean that the Got Milk? people have already Got Pedro.

Sincerely yours,

Pedro T. Cat
 Future California Milk Advisory Board Spokescat


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  1. Pedro, if the California Milk Advisory Board doesn’t contact you immediately upon receipt of this well composed, mutually beneficial proposal of yours – well, they don’t know a good cow when they see one! In fact, I’m sure the “GOT MILK” folks will get wind of this whole thing and be knocking on your doorstep (or box top) to offer a counter proposal to whatever the CMAB people offer. This could be the beginning of a bidding war to end all bidding wars and CATapault you to stardom! No doubt the comp cards will cinch it for you when they see what a stunning cow you make. As for the letter? Send it buddy….it’s purrrrfect just the way it is!

    Your BFC Sammy

    • Good morning, Sammy! I can’t believe I’m doing it, but I’m mailing the letter later today. After a little snooze, that is… I was thinking that maybe I should send a letter to the Gateway computer people, too. Maybe they’d pay me with their AMAZING boxes!

      • Yes! Yes! That way I can take part credit. You may recall, or shoot maybe it wasn’t on your blog but I think it was, that it was me who proposed “Gateway” as a name for a — dog, was it? Only wanting the credit I’m due. But really who cares. Cows, dogs, cats, whatever. Your letter, your idea, is superb. Hit send. If they don’t take you up on it, they are WRONG!

  2. I ditto what my good friend (and the object of my affection), Sam, wrote. The letter is most certainly purrfect and so well written. You should have stationery printed: “From the paw of Pedro”…since you’re already famous and headed for even greater things.
    Your friend, Sundae kitty

  3. I was trying to tell my grandson, Lucas, about you and showed him the pic of you just now. He had a good laugh. It’s such a neat pic, Pedro!! I definitely feel that you should be the next spokescat for the cows!! You rock!!

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