superbowl sunday for a super businesscat

Businesscat, or used car salescat???

Since Caturday was unproductive, I spent Superbowl Sunday working hard. I’m more of a curling kind of cat than a football kind of cat, so I wasn’t heartbroken. Especially since I timed a grooming break to coincide with Madonna’s half time show. I love Madonna…

I’ve finished sprucing up my resumé, but I’m concerned about my professional objectives. Is “fame, fortune, and celebrity” too honest, or should I say something like, “I’d like to end world hunger by eradicating feral chickens”?

My human redeemed herself for sabotaging my working Caturday by giving me this spiffy bow tie.  Unfortunately, it seems to emphasize my lack of neck…


13 comments on “superbowl sunday for a super businesscat

  1. Your hard work will bear fruit soon! I’m sure of it. I think that your professional objectives are clear, succinct, and compelling. Your feral chicken idea gives them a practical dimension – you should try to work both into your resume if possible.

    Chun has that same exact bow tie! He should wear it more often. of course your luscious fur competes with the bow tie for attention, but I still think it is an excellent professional-looking photo.

    • I’m so glad you stopped by today, Littlemiao! I was so excited when I first saw Chun in this bowtie, and I’ve been saving mine for a special occasion. I think Chun wears it better than I do. It must be my luscious fur. 😀

      You’re right about the resume. I’ll get right to work on it…

      • I think a red necktie would be perfect for you because it would stand out more, but you most definitely look handsome and businesslike in the bowtie too.

        I would take photos of my Miaolings with my father’s ties but I don’t know how to tie a tie.

  2. Nice tie Pedro… you a very professional look – neck or no neck. I think it only calls attention to your long whiskers and your desire to put your best paw forward business-wise. No doubt the addition to your resume of a commitment to eradicate those nasty, vicious feral chickens will show your dedication to humanitarian (or felineitarian) causes as well. Bravo. I was going to suggest you get a red bow-tie to add to your collection but then I realized you’d look like an ice cream salesman.

    Your Bud Sammy

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