tonight’s post cancelled due to weather

Sorry, folks. Tonight’s post is cancelled due to the frigid temperatures we’re experiencing in Hawaii. My paws are too cold for typing, so I’ll just stay wrapped up in this blanket in my human’s lap until the weather changes.

is that ice in my whiskers???

How cold is too cold for the Hawaiian cat, you ask? Tonight may get below 50°…  I know, you’re thinking that I’m just a wuss.  But when was the last time you set your thermostat at 50°???


15 comments on “tonight’s post cancelled due to weather

  1. Well Pedro – what can I say….last night it was 19 degrees outside here but INSIDE the house it was nice and cozy and warm SO I’m having a tough time empathizing with the 50 degree LOW there in Hawaii!! No doubt that blue blankie of yours kept your tootsies from getting too chilled out though – Hopefully the cold snap will be over and you can slip out of that blanket and have some FUN today.

    Your BFC Sam

    • Sorry BFC Sammy, but I can’t empathize with your 19 degrees outside when you spent the whole time warming your toesies (all 57) by the roaring fire! 😀 The only way I’d have a nice, cozy fire would be considered arson… I’m ready for spring!

  2. Fleece blankies make a big difference. I’m asking the Miao Brothers to produce some extra floof for you so we can send you a blankie. We’re having such a warm winter (high of 30 today!) they don’t even need their winter coats.

    Maybe you and Kitty could snuggle to stay warm. I bet she’d like that blue fleecie too.

    • The Miaos could start a charity for unheated kitties all over the world. Like Locks of Love, but weirder. 😀

      Kitty prefers to cuddle with the cable box or laptop. She says I snore and hog the blanket. And drool. And talk in my sleep a bit…

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