new hobbies and possibilities

I have a new hobby, and I’m so excited! A few days ago our human brought home a new bar stool. I didn’t think it was anything special at first – we already had some identical stools. But I quickly realized that this stool was different. Better. This new stool is perfect for feline acrobatics, and I’ve been spending all of my waking hours practicing. It’s really good for the core. Don’t you think I’m looking a little slimmer already? Any minute now I’ll be svelte enough for my human to stop the diet cat food… And if things don’t work out with the dairy cow people, Cirque du Soleil might be an option with a little more practice!


11 comments on “new hobbies and possibilities

  1. Pedro! What an exciting possibility should the spokescat position not come to fruition! You look quite agile and graceful on the stool – you could even try stringing a high wire between TWO stools and see if you can do a high wire act now that you’ve discovered your balancing talents! I’m SURE the Cirque people would love to add you to the performance if those milk people let you down. Keep up the good work – practice makes purrrrrrfect!

    Your Bud Sammy

  2. Way to go, Pedro! Looking very athletic there; you’d be a perfect addition to Cirque du Soleil. I bet they’ll be on the phone any minute now.

      • Two cats in one! One thing I like doing is holding Sprocket in front of the mirror and looking at him because he looks like a different kitty. I hope that doesn’t make me creepy!

  3. Pedro, please have a word with your human. I have safety concerns. Take the bubble wrap off the feet and spread it under the stool. If you don’t have a safety net, bubble wrap could do duty as a good substitute. But you should have something.

    • The human and I seem to have some communication issues… I was thinking I could duct tape the bubble wrap to protect my furry bum when I practice my high wire act. But the duct tape is hard to handle without thumbs. And when you’re covered in fur.

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