no rest this caturday

It’s Caturday, and I’m working again.  I’m just a workaholic.  It’s amazing that I find any time at all for grooming and cat naps.  And hunting geckos.  And snacking.

I’ve been practicing my barstool acrobatics, but I can’t really approach Cirque du Soleil until I perfect my high wire act between two stools.  And I need some work in that area.  I may have mentioned this before, but gravity definitely affects me more than most cats…  Back to building the Pedro the Cat brand and expanding my fan base for now…

Today I decided to approach the Soft Paws claw cover people.  I think they need a celebrity spokescat, and I would be a FABULOUS posterkitty for their red claw covers.  So, I spent the day sifting through the photo archives to find a few shots that really put my best paws forward.  Unfortunately, I’m so handsome and photogenic that it’s really hard to choose…


9 comments on “no rest this caturday

  1. Great group of photos Pedro! The “Soft Paws” people would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to have a cow cat with red claws show off their product to its best advantage. Oh yah….go for it – submit ALL of them I say. As for the high wire act between the two bar stools with an eye towards a possible Cirque gig? I bet you can find a little bit of time (perhaps when your human is asleep at night) to practice…..make sure you’re not wearing your udder prosthesis though because I’m sure it would effect your balance.

    Your Buddy Sam

  2. (Love Sam’s comment about the udders!)
    Pedro, you’d be the purrfect spokescat for Soft Claws. My mommy wishes she knew about them before she had me (shudder) declawed. Good luck: you’ve got my vote!
    Love, Sundae

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