Uh-oh.  Kitty just pointed out that I seem to have forgotten the most important criterion of suitable suitors in my Valentine’s Day post.  To meet our standards, the man applying for dating status of our human must also have less hair on his back and chest than I do.



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  1. Thank heavens Kitty realized that little detail was missing from the list of criteria applicants must meet…..! I know it’s a little early since you began the screening process but have there been any inquiries yet? Is your human excited about this Valentine’s Day gift you’re giving her??????

    Your Bud Sam

    • Hi, Sammy! Sometimes it’s a good thing Kitty’s around, isn’t it? That was a pretty big omission! My human doesn’t know a thing about it – we’re going to keep it a surprise until Mr. Pre-Approved-Right shows up on our doorstep. No essays yet, but I’m sure throngs of men are proofreading their entries right this second!

  2. I’m really impressed by how unselfish your list of standards is, Pedro. Your person is lucky to have you! You are really looking out for her so she can find the real Mr. Right. If it were Chun he would demand that I find a non-vegan so he can get cheese-treats, and he would further stipulate that they be trained in feline massage and have a degree in How to Cook Yummy Fish.

    • Crap – I can’t believe I forgot the cheese-treat and kitty massage clause! The degree is unnecessary because I really enjoy sashimi…

      Do you give the Miaolings vegan faux-cheese as treats? Vegans always say that it tastes just as good as the real thing, but I’d love a feline opinion.

      • Poor Chun didn’t even know you *could* eat fish raw. He is so deprived. He thinks fake cheese is okay but not nearly as good as the real stuff. I bet you go fishing every day after you surf and enjoy a nice sashimi meal on the beach.

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