pedro in hiding

Shhh... I'm hiding.

I just found out that my human made an appointment for me to get my annual physical on Tuesday.  The vet is going to say that I’m fat, and that my human should reduce my meager diet food ration even further.  He’s going to say I need to increase my exercise and reduce my stress.  And when he sends me home I’ll be all smelly and upset, and no matter what I say, Kitty will think I’ve been probed by aliens.  My plan is to lay low for a few days, and rotate hiding spots hourly so my human can’t find me.  I should be able to hold out until Tuesday…


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  1. Good luck Pedro! …But if you should forget to hide on tuesday (it’s a long time to be hiding) and if you do get carted off to the vet anywayz, remember that your human is doing it because she loves you and wants you to be happy and healthy… and I am sure there will be treats and cuddles for after-vet recoveries…. even if you’re supposed to loose weight.

  2. Oh, Pedro, I can identify. I had to make that trip a couple of weeks ago, and it was no fun. I was a brave girl, though, and I know you can do it too! I’ll be thinking about ya – maybe things will go better than you think. Dreading something is usually worse than the actual event….. Chin up, buddy!

  3. Ahhh Pedro….the dreaded annual vet visit….since I’ve gone through that TWELVE times in my life I feel your pain (well, not literally since you’re going to be the one being poked, prodded, and suffering through the probing procedure) but just think…….after you’ve suffered the indignities involved, you won’t have to go through it again for a WHOLE year. I don’t think the vet will say you’re fat – and if he does – well, that’s just HIS opinion after all. Those of us who know you realize you’re just stocky and muscular – NOT fat. Keep the faith buddy. May the force be with you.

    Your BFC Sammy

  4. Dear Pedro, the problem with you hiding is that you’re just so darned cute, your human will follow the cute-vibes and she will find you every time no matter where. A word of advice from your long-and-longer-suffering friend Bugs: Take something nonskid to put on the vet’s counter. Think yoga-mat or like the Bungalow floor-and-furniture-covering we have over at our place. It is a small thing but it is a piece of nonskid home. What else can I say. All things must pass? No. That doesn’t seem to be quite true over here. No, it IS true. If you wait long enough and sometimes drastic measures are called-for. Nonskid mat. Something to cling to, in tough times. Let us know how it goes.

    • I hate the cold, slippery table! That’s just more incentive to focus on staying well hidden… Maybe Tuesday morning I’ll hide within reach of the yoga mat. Just in case my cute-vibe is too strong to overcome.

  5. If’n I were you, i wouldn’t start hiding until Monday nite. Then run for your life. Dn’t be afraid to use claws and toothies because the human will soon give it and cancel the appointment.

  6. Pedro, I know this is serious business for you, so I hope you won’t mind that I was laughing out loud at your post–not at your worries, but at your style of expressing them: you are a wonderful writer. I hope, too, that your appointment today went very well. Our older kitty, Serafina, successfully lost weight after her vet warned us of the serious dangers down the road if she didn’t (diabetes among them). We decided it was better to help her lose the weight (she went from 15 to 12 lbs; she is a cat with a very large frame, so 12 lbs is just right for her) than to end up having to do regular, stressful medical treatments from weight-related health problems.

    • If you think this is good, you should read my manuscript!

      Congrats on Serafina’s weight loss. That’s a lot of weight for a cat to lose. I know that I’d be happier and healthier if I lost a little more weight. But I think I’d rather exercise more and eat lots of goodies than be stuck with the diet kibble. Maybe I’ll start doing Zumba with my human…

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