i survived the vet

I don’t know how she did it, but my human found me in time for my appointment with the vet.  It must have been my intense cute-vibe…  Don’t tell her, but it wasn’t that bad.  My bar stool acrobatics training has been paying off – I lost almost a pound!  No one even mentioned the word “fat”.  Do you think that means I won’t need diet food anymore???

The worst part of the experience was definitely the drive.  I spent the whole time trying to get my human to take different routes, complaining about the bumps, and yelling about the A/C and my human’s choice of music.  I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drive!

All-in-all the vet wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be.  But I’m going to pout and act angry as long as I can – might as well get as much mileage out of the trauma as I can.  I keep licking my arm where I got the shot.  Maybe I’ll be able to guilt my human into giving me sashimi for dinner…

And now I have to go convince Kitty that I wasn’t probed by aliens.


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  1. Oh, Pedro, I’m sure glad that’s over for you! It’s such a relief once it’s behind us. Sorry about the shot – hope you get lots of treats to ease the PTSD.
    Your pal, Sundae

  2. I hope you got the sashimi! You totally deserve it.

    Have I mentioned lately how handsome you are? That picture really show off your cowkitty magnificence and your red claws and your fabulous tail. It is so floofy! Sprocket has the same tail except his is about 1/3 the length of yours.

  3. Tell me, do cats in Hawaii sing the same song that cats in Ireland sing in the car? You know the dirge-like wailing a-tonal harmony with the snappy claw clicking (on the carrier door) chorus?

  4. Pedro, congratulations on getting through the dreaded vet experience without hearing the word “fat” mentioned. That’s excellent! As you said, all that bar stool acrobatics experience has whipped you into shape apparently. Keep playing up the “poor pitiful me” thing with your human and there will – I’m sure – be more Chinese food in your future. Did you convince Kitty that probing was NOT involved????

    Your Pal and BFC Sammy

    • Aloha, Sammy! I’m doing my best to stretch out the guilt trip. I’m still hoping for sashimi. 😀 Unfortunately, Kitty still thinks aliens were involved. I gave up trying to convince her otherwise and started describing my alien abductors. That’s way more entertaining than the truth, anyway.

  5. Has no-one noticed your barstool-stance, Pedro? We think this is an amazing feet, pun intended. Your paws are going one way, your front legs look unrelated to your spine, and your butt is catty-wampus, another intended pun plus Ozark folk-way. This is something we have never seen and we think it is just terrific. You are one unique cat. Kudos about coming clean to us that the vet wasn’t the nightmare the beans believe. Work it with your Bean, Pedro. Chicken, ahi — wildebeest next.

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