the guilt trip continues

Last night was pretty chilly, and I’m still giving my human the cold shoulder (no pun intended).  So I cuddled up with the Roku player to keep warm and make her feel guilty…
If she really loved me, she’d take better care of my rear interdigital floof. I look so messy!

14 comments on “the guilt trip continues

  1. Absolutely play up the guilt angle as much as possible… always works…..I agree about the interdigital floof though……in fact my human is woefully negligent in trimming mine (rear feet only) and I have to do that myself – with my teeth – which hurts – which my human says must be similar to plucking her eyebrows (which I personally think is rather barbarian but she insists on doing it!!).

    Orange chicken on the menu today?

    Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! There’s yet another sign that you really aren’t onespoiledcat. I can’t believe you have to take care of your own toe floof!

      I’m aiming for sashimi tonight, and I think it might happen for me. I haven’t eaten since pre-vet, and my human is getting concerned. I think she’ll break out the ahi soon!

  2. I’m glad you found a warm nap spot. You look so relaxed. I’m sure your human is worthy of a cuddle by now.

    The Miao Brothers are impressed by your magnificent interdigital floof. If only I could grow interdigital floof too!

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