a note from cranky old kitty

Pedro has been a bit under the weather since Tuesday night, and he isn’t even faking it.  He thinks he’s feeling yucky from his shots, but I think it was the stress of riding in my human’s truck.  She always has the A/C on too low and the radio on too high…  Anyway, Pedro wanted me to let you all know that he’s on the mend and he’ll be back to work soon.  He also said I should post this photo so everyone remembers how lovely he is.  Blech.  He doesn’t pay me enough.

8 comments on “a note from cranky old kitty

  1. Awww. Pedro needs some cuddles to help him feel better.

    This is possibly one of my favorite Pedro photos. Red claws, toe tufts, magnificent cowkittiness. *purrs*

  2. Thanks for letting us know about Pedro. You’re such a good friend…?
    Tell him that in that photo of him, his red claw covers resemble starlight mints – that should help him feel better, since those are sweet, too!

  3. How kind of you Kitty to fill in for Pedro in his hour of need – even though it’s against your better judgement and in spite of the lack of appropriate compensation. I do hope my BFC Pedro is back to 100% cowkittyness ASAP. Give him a “high six” (remember I have an extra claw) from me will you???


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