caturday – working again

It’s Caturday, and I’m slaving away at the computer again.  I don’t mind putting in the extra hours, since I was sick and slept through much of the week.  I think my vaccinations made me feel yucky.  Kitty decided it was just stress from going to the vet, or maybe that I was having a bad reaction to whatever the aliens implanted when they were probing me.  Whatever the problem, I was sick as a dog.  (No offense, Rumpy.) 

The irony of the situation was that my ploy to make my human feel guilty so I would get extra treats worked, but I didn’t get to enjoy any of them!  She tried to coax me to eat with ahi sashimi, a bit of salmon, and my favorite broccoli and cheddar pot pie.  I didn’t eat any of it.  I was just too sick to even feign interest…  Oh well, at least I’m feeling better now…

Anyway, last night I wrote a quick post telling my fans that Maru had posted something that everyone needs to see.  I’m not sure what happened, but the photo I was talking about has disappeared now.  Maybe his site couldn’t handle all of the extra traffic from my peeps…  I hope that you will all keep trying, and that Maru’s human will fix the problem.  It’s worth some effort to see this photo – Maru, sniffing the udder of a GIANT STUFFED COW!  If the photo link above doesn’t work, you can also look for his entry from February 25 on his blog at

I don’t have any new photos to share with you today. I’ve hardly groomed for days, so I’m looking too unkempt to allow photos. But I will leave you with one of my favorites from the archives, since it kind of sums up my whole week.

for the love of cod!


9 comments on “caturday – working again

  1. So good to hear you’ve recovered from your vet visit Pedro. At the time you mentioned the “alien probe” I thought to myself……”naaaaaaaah….no way……”, however on reflection after hearing about how poorly you were this past week post-vet visit, I’m thinking…..”hmmm…..maybe”….. At any rate, welcome back buddy.

    Three Cheers for the YMCA
    Your Pal Sam

    • Welcome back yourself, Sammy! I hope all went well for you… I can’t seem to convince Kitty that there were no aliens involved, and I’ve given up trying. She may be old and frail, but she’s stubborn as a mule.

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