having a cow over maru’s cow

OK – this is beginning to drive me insane…  Maru’s human posted a fabulous photo of Maru sniffing a cow udder.  But now that photo has disappeared into cyberspace.  Today I went back to Maru’s blog, and there was the cow udder photo and new cow photos.  So I posted another “aside” with the link.  I tested the link and it worked like a charm, and hit “publish”.  And then I tested the link again, and the page could not be found.  Ugghh…  So now, I can finally go back to Maru’s blog, but the udder photo is AWOL once again.  I’m so confused!

I’m sure you all know by now that I am a huge fan of everything Bovine.  I really, really want you all to see the udder photo.  I’m beginning to realize that will never happen, so I am now going to commit a blogging sin.  I am going to insert one of Maru’s less spectacular cow photos below without his permission.  I can’t read kanji, so I have no idea how Maru’s lawyers would feel about me using his photo.  But, I’m pretty sure that the yakuza will come and cut off all Kitty’s toes to teach me a lesson.  Sorry, Kitty.