the perfect storm

As most of my regular readers know, my relationship with my roommate cat, Kitty, is strained at times. I adore the old gal and want to groom her and frolic with her and play-stalk her like a cow-spotted lion. And while Kitty pretends to hate nearly everything about me, I’ve always known deep down inside that she really does love me. I mean, how could anyone NOT love Pedro the Cat???
Over the weekend, we had a big Hawaiian winter storm. That means gusty winds, torrential rains, and thunder that rattles the windows. Normally this kind of weather sends me into my human’s lap, but doesn’t seem to ruffle Kitty’s feathers at all. But not this storm. Not once, but TWICE Kitty was scared (or cold) enough to snuggle. Never in the history of my life with Kitty has she chosen to be close to me, and if I try to sneak up and cuddle with her while she’s asleep, she always smacks me upside the head and runs away. 
Sebastian Junger might have different ideas, but this was what I call a Perfect Storm… I just hope Kitty remembers that she really does like me if the yakuza come for her over yesterday’s post.

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  1. I’m sure Kitty has always liked you….well…not “sure” really……or actually not “positive” either…..but POSSIBLY she has always liked you…..WHATEVER – she certainly changed her tune when the storm hit and she decided you were a good snuggle partner after all. Love the photos… sure and pull these out of the old album NEXT storm because you may need proof of this “perfect moment” during the “perfect storm” when she let down her guard and did some cow cuddling.


    • I am SO huggable, Littlemiao. I think I might be the most huggable kitty on the face of earth. And I hope Kitty remembers that. My human is good, but I could use more kitty cuddles.

      Thanks for the fanfare! I’m going to be famous!

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