pedro the cat in protest


I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my adoring fans.  I’ve been staging a sit-in in protest of the neglect and mistreatment I’ve experienced at the hands of my cruel and heartless human.Last week, my human packed up and left. She didn’t actually pack, since the bag she took was nearly empty.  But she abandoned Kitty and I and left us all alone for days.  What if Kitty had eaten all of the provisions our human left on the very first day?  Or what if our water fountain’s motor had broken down?  I could have starved to death!  Plus, she took the laptop so I couldn’t blog or order pizza for almost 3 whole days.  And there was no one to brush me or pet me.  It was pure negligence and completely unacceptable…  And when she finally returned home, that empty bag was stuffed full. And there was nothing in it for me. NOTHING! The mistreatment is inhuman and absolutely appalling.  I will continue my luggage sit-in until my grievances are addressed.


i’m an inspiration!

My good buddy Sammy, the ginger genius of One Spoiled Cat, awarded me with a really special award a few days ago – the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.   I’m really thrilled to have received this one because I like to think of myself as being an inspiration to career-minded cats everywhere.  Plus, the award matches my fabulous coat!

To receive the award, I have a few fun questions to answer…

I am most creative when… I’m laying on my back under the ceiling fan. I might look like I’m napping, but that’s really when I do my best creative thinking.

If I were a color, I would be… Ugghh. Can I chose black and white and red all over, because that’s really ME?!?

I often imagine myself…  With opposable thumbs.  And with a cow of my very own.

I really wish I knew how to…  Drive.  Fast.

I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday…  Laying on my back under the ceiling fan, being my most creative.

I’m most excited about…  Dinner.  And breakfast.  And my blossoming career.

My secret talent is…  Yodeling.  Kitty says I sound like a sick chihuahua howling, but I know she’s just cranky.  I have mad yodeling skills.

letting my creative juices flow

As soon as Sammy bestowed this honor upon me, I knew exactly which blogs I would pass the award on to:

Lemonysqueezes – This blog is the story of the cats of the Helen O Krause Animal Foundation shelter and the humans that care for them.  And it’s incredibly inspirational because those humans really care for those cats.  As a former shelter cat myself, I’m really touched by the stories and photos. 

Confessions of a Cat Woman –  This is the blog of a woman who does it all – she juggles a career, family, and 5 cats.  And she’s really supportive of all of her cats’ burgeoning careers.  I’m inspired by her, and just a bit jealous.  My human is such an underachiever…

I hope you all enjoy those blogs, and are inspired by them as well.  Thank you so much for this award, Sammy.  You’re the best!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate the holiday, today I’m feasting on corned cat food without cabbage (Kitty says it makes me gassy) and meowing with an Irish lilt. I hope you’re doing something equally festive!

(Yes, that’s my green mousie toy on my noggin. My green wardrobe is somewhat limited, and I wasn’t going to risk getting pinched!)

dental hygiene

You all know by now that I’m a fastidious creature. I work hard at keeping my white parts super white and my floof floofy. So when the vet recommended that my human brush my teeth, I was thrilled. Hygiene is my hobby, and I love being brushed… But my human ordered a fancy cat toothbrush online, and I was a little baffled when it arrived. The thing is massive. Lion-sized.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a big cat with a big cat mouth, but this is just ridiculous.  I think I’ll just go back to gnawing on my human’s toothbrush when she isn’t looking…

you must be joking

one year ago today

initial news of Japan's disaster makes me groom nervously

This is the first anniversary of the massive earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated Japan and threatened the Hawaiian islands.  I will never forget that awful night that I spent waiting anxiously for news of the unthinkable devastation in Japan and wondering about the fate of Maru-san while preparing myself for a potentially destructive tsunami.

headed to high ground - the linen closet

Even though I’d seen the tsunami inundation zone maps and knew my home is outside the danger zone, the hours spent waiting and preparing for the arrival of the tsunami were still really scary.  The worst part was definitely the wailing of the tsunami sirens – that sound is absolutely terrifying…  If just the possibility of a disaster is that frightening, I can’t imagine how terrifying the actual earthquake and aftermath must have been for so many Japanese kitties.

still grooming nervously

Thousands of Japanese cats and their humans lost their lives one year ago, and thousands more lost their homes, loved ones and livelihoods.  Thankfully, Maru-san was unharmed and the tsunami damage in Hawaii was minimal and limited to property. So today, in commemoration, I will spend the day appreciating every little bit of my life and being thankful for all that I have.  Even the diet cat kibble.  I suggest that you do the same.

P.S.  Kitty seems to have cat napped through the entire event and still doesn’t believe me when I tell her about it. 

pedro the headless wonder

This morning I was sorting through my photo archives, and I discovered a disturbing trend. I know that I’ve complained of my human’s lack of artistic vision and photography skills in the past, but today I realized that the problem is much worse than I imagined.  In a frighteningly high percentage of images, my human manages to cut off some important part of my anatomy. Most commonly, all or part of my noggin…  How will I succeed in becoming a fabulous celebrity cat when I’m surrounded by such incompetence?!?

***Please note that no body parts were removed and no Pedros were injured in the making of this blog. Additionally, photos were cropped for artistic purposes but no noggins were cropped from the original images. My human did that all on her own!


The new “Views By Country” stats and map feature is really, really cool. But, where am I???  Did WordPress forget about Hawaii?  😦


Update:  Hawaii seems to be AWOL from the map showing our “views by country”.  The center of the Pacific Ocean appears to be uninhabited…  Unfortunately, the entire map also seems to be AWOL for WordPressers not using an ipad.  That seems like a larger oversight to me…

where’s the aloha???

vote for pedro

Since the weather has been so lousy, I’ve had some free time to get caught up on current events.  Naturally, that means a lot of ridiculous election “news”.  And I have to say that maybe I really should have run for President.  If cats were running the country, everything would be far simpler and the administration would be much more effective.  The immediate changes I would make are:

    – Forget campaigns, debates and ads.  Candidates will duke it out, and the winner will be President.

    – My territory is my territory.  I will patrol it and keep it safe.  I will not concern myself with other territories.

    – It’s the President’s job to make sure all citizens are well-groomed, fed, productive and healthy.  In exchange, I will expect my citizens to do their fair share of the work and show proper respect to me and my territory.  Citizens that fail to play by these rules will be banished.

    –  I will ban bow ties.  They make me look like a goofball, and detract from my glorious whiskerage and adorable chin spot.

my disaster declaration

You wouldn’t believe the weather we’re having!  It’s been stormy for a few days – lots of thunder and lightning, a few feet of rain, 50 mph winds, flooding, power outages, and it’s COLD.  I was spending a lot of time sitting on my human’s head until Kitty pointed out that I resembled a furry, cow-spotted lightning rod.  So I kicked Kitty out of my favorite cardboard box and I’m not coming out until the coast is clear.

Today they issued a disaster declaration, and I’m relieved.  This is a huge disaster – I haven’t had a decent cat nap since Friday!

a big hug

Yesterday my BFC (Best Friend Cat), Sammy of One Spoiled Cat awarded me with a HUG – The Hope Unites Globally Award.  Wow!  This award is very special, so I’d like to thank Sammy from the bottom of my furry heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The only requirement of this award is that I pass it on to another deserving blog, so in the spirit of the HUG, I would like to award it to a very special blogger – one who reaches across class lines and really celebrates diversity, and whose posts are always timely and informative.  I never would have imagined that I would enjoy this blog, but it’s entertaining and very educational. The blogger receiving this HUG is Rumpydog.

Congratulations, Rumpster!

Yes, I did just nominate a dog.