what’s better than a box?

What’s better than a comfy cardboard box???

TWO comfy cardboard boxes!!! 






Am I sinking? My flat rate box seems to be sinking… But if I just play it cool and pretend everything’s fine, maybe no one will notice…

13 comments on “what’s better than a box?

  1. See Pedro, this is why I value your opinion so much – you don’t just think outside the box, you think ON TOP of the box too! Sincerely, Mojo Cat

  2. Pedro, my man, you really know how to enjoy your Heineken dude……I can almost hear sound of that flat rate box slowly sinking southward as you lie atop it. It would appear from that contented look on your face that you like perching up there surveying your territory (and posing for photos). Methinks that flat rate box might soon be gracing the interior of the trash can. There’s only so much abuse a flat rate can take!

    Rock on………Your BFC Sammy

    • Hey Sammy, It was easier to survey my kingdom/catdom when the perch was a little higher. Gravity was working against me once again… But retire the flat rate box? Really??? That seems very wasteful, and I try to be an eco-friendly cat. You know – reuse, reuse, abuse, reuse…

      • I thought perhaps that flat rate was getting a bit…..well…..flat from reuse BUT if you think it has plenty of pizzazzzz left then by all means hang on to it. The Heineken is definitely a keeper though.

        Your BFC Sam

  3. Now Sprocket will have to try stacking himself in two precariously perched boxes. Somehow you make it look comfortable even though it looks really uncomfortable.

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