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Since the weather has been so lousy, I’ve had some free time to get caught up on current events.  Naturally, that means a lot of ridiculous election “news”.  And I have to say that maybe I really should have run for President.  If cats were running the country, everything would be far simpler and the administration would be much more effective.  The immediate changes I would make are:

    – Forget campaigns, debates and ads.  Candidates will duke it out, and the winner will be President.

    – My territory is my territory.  I will patrol it and keep it safe.  I will not concern myself with other territories.

    – It’s the President’s job to make sure all citizens are well-groomed, fed, productive and healthy.  In exchange, I will expect my citizens to do their fair share of the work and show proper respect to me and my territory.  Citizens that fail to play by these rules will be banished.

    –  I will ban bow ties.  They make me look like a goofball, and detract from my glorious whiskerage and adorable chin spot.


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      • I think it’s cos your national anthem is so hard to sing. Takes years to get it right, and getting it wrong means deportation, I think. Might be a good place to start. Something snappier, and with hard notes. Somewhere between rap and Dolly Parton. Or maybe Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious would be good?

        • I think we should avoid coming between Dolly and her wrap – cod only knows what’s under there… But for the anthem I was thinking about something similar to the great 80s feline rockstar Def Leopard.

          • Tone Def Leppard? They’re from here, I think. Will check the rollodex to see if I have a number for you to progress the licensing. Mojo Cat.

  1. But, no, minlit: UNFORTUNATELY botching the National Anthem does NOT result in deportation – we could only hope. We can forgive an occasional flub, but not when it’s caused by the performer trying to impress us with his/her (non) talent.
    Back to the subject, Pedro, you would be a great president! I like the part “I will expect my citizens to do their fair share of the work”. If only!

  2. Pedro! My man! You most certainly should have thought of this a while back because just think of “the power of cat” that would have been behind you as you conducted your campaign across the country…..There are a LOT of us out here – “the FURgotten segment of society” – I certainly would have thrown myself wholeheartedly into the effort (well….not THROWN exactly….more like gently tossed). Hey – things are somewhat rocky now as the campaign stands, perhaps it’s not to late to throw your bow-tie into the ring? I love your platform by the way – speaking of platforms, how’s that bar stool high wire act of yours coming along? Every candidate needs a fall-back position (or fall-off position).

    Your BFC Sam

    • Hey, Sammy! Thanks for the support! I think it’s probably too late now, but maybe next time around. This country could use some change! In the meantime, the barstool has been more of a falling-off position. I think gravity is stronger this week – you know how that fluxuates! I’ll keep working on it, though!

  3. But you can’t ban bow-ties! Chun will be devastated! You look so incredibly handsome in your bow-tie, you would be doing yourself a disservice. Maybe you’d look even more presidential in a red necktie but it’s just a matter of degree! I try not to be a single-issue voter but when it comes to bow-ties I can’t compromise. Some issues are just too important! And yet, I think this country would be a much better place under your rulership. I am torn by this dilemma. Please reconsider your position!

    Bow-ties make Sprocket look chubby but I think that’s just because I haven’t found a large enough bow-tie for him yet. On second thought, everything makes him look chubby…

    • Welcome home, Littlemiao! You and AuntieBellum win – I won’t be banning bowties. Chun does look really spiffy in his, and I wouldn’t want to deprive him of that. Maybe he’d like to be my fashion Aide?

      Not EVERYTHING makes Sprocket look chubby. He looks slim in that mixing bowl…

      • I’m so glad you reconsidered! You can count on all the Miaos to vote for you – your victory is assured!

        Who knew a mixing bowl could be slimming. LOLz.

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