The new “Views By Country” stats and map feature is really, really cool. But, where am I???  Did WordPress forget about Hawaii?  😦


Update:  Hawaii seems to be AWOL from the map showing our “views by country”.  The center of the Pacific Ocean appears to be uninhabited…  Unfortunately, the entire map also seems to be AWOL for WordPressers not using an ipad.  That seems like a larger oversight to me…

where’s the aloha???


12 comments on “where’s the aloha???

  1. You are part of the United States, Pedro!

    We bought you from King Kalukelala or somebody, because we needed a place for Magnum to live.

  2. Gosh….I didn’t even KNOW about the map PERIOD! As usual, Poor Old Sammy is out of the loop. But I’d say just as a general observation Pedro that if WordPress has left YOU and your island out of anything that’s a totally huge mistake. Just HAS to be.

    Your BFC Sam

  3. Pedro, I just got the notification about this really “cool” thing . But I do think Old Kitty is right 😉 You are part of the United States, all 50 of them. They don’t list my state either, because it is the countries.

    I know that’s really deep stuff. You may need to take a little nap and then have you human go over it with you.

    • My issue isn’t with the list of countries – their very detailed map is missing one major detail. The middle of the Pacific Ocean is completely empty on the map. WordPress went to the trouble of making that really nifty map, and then completely forgot the Pacific Islands??? 😦 They include the Aleutian chain, but decide to omit Hawaii??? Sloppy work!

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