pedro the headless wonder

This morning I was sorting through my photo archives, and I discovered a disturbing trend. I know that I’ve complained of my human’s lack of artistic vision and photography skills in the past, but today I realized that the problem is much worse than I imagined.  In a frighteningly high percentage of images, my human manages to cut off some important part of my anatomy. Most commonly, all or part of my noggin…  How will I succeed in becoming a fabulous celebrity cat when I’m surrounded by such incompetence?!?

***Please note that no body parts were removed and no Pedros were injured in the making of this blog. Additionally, photos were cropped for artistic purposes but no noggins were cropped from the original images. My human did that all on her own!


13 comments on “pedro the headless wonder

  1. Lost your head, Pedro. Happens to us all. Be nice to your poor human. She is a good soul. Just — human. You know. It is to feel sorry. Even with such almost-inexcusable insensitivity to your fabulosity.

  2. Alas poor Pedro, it does seem that your human is not capturing all of your cowness with her lens in these posted examples. But you know, to be fair, MOST of the time she does a great job – right? In the excitement of the moment she might have her aim slightly off – or accidentally not include some section of your anatomy in a shot – but MOST of the time, she captures your floofiness nicely. I’m not sure you could trust Kitty to be your official photographer anyway…..I’m not convinced she likes all the attention you’re getting these days. Give your human another chance – remember after all, she’s “only human” ………….

    Your BFC Sammy

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