one year ago today

initial news of Japan's disaster makes me groom nervously

This is the first anniversary of the massive earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated Japan and threatened the Hawaiian islands.  I will never forget that awful night that I spent waiting anxiously for news of the unthinkable devastation in Japan and wondering about the fate of Maru-san while preparing myself for a potentially destructive tsunami.

headed to high ground - the linen closet

Even though I’d seen the tsunami inundation zone maps and knew my home is outside the danger zone, the hours spent waiting and preparing for the arrival of the tsunami were still really scary.  The worst part was definitely the wailing of the tsunami sirens – that sound is absolutely terrifying…  If just the possibility of a disaster is that frightening, I can’t imagine how terrifying the actual earthquake and aftermath must have been for so many Japanese kitties.

still grooming nervously

Thousands of Japanese cats and their humans lost their lives one year ago, and thousands more lost their homes, loved ones and livelihoods.  Thankfully, Maru-san was unharmed and the tsunami damage in Hawaii was minimal and limited to property. So today, in commemoration, I will spend the day appreciating every little bit of my life and being thankful for all that I have.  Even the diet cat kibble.  I suggest that you do the same.

P.S.  Kitty seems to have cat napped through the entire event and still doesn’t believe me when I tell her about it. 


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  1. Oh Pedro….I don’t think I’ll EVER forget the images on television of that horrible event in Japan. It was the most awful thing I’ve ever seen in my 12 years. So much loss in just a matter of minutes really. I was certainly concerned about humans AND animals – especially places like “Cat Island”……and as the days passed and more was known about just how many people had vanished I guess we all knew that things would NEVER be the same for the country as a whole. I’m so happy that you and your human and even Kitty (!) were OK. I didn’t even KNOW you at that time but we all were worried about Hawaii…believe me! I’ll commemorate this day just as you are – being grateful for still being spoiled rotten by my humans (even though my rubber chicken has been confiscated from me) and thinking how lucky my BFC Pedro and his family were a year ago.

    Your Pal Sam

    • Hi Sammy, Thankfully, we’ve never watched footage of the actual tsunami. My human’s theory is that she knows what tsunamis do and knows the end result, so why watch the event. I think it would cause catnapmares, so I’m glad… Enjoy being spoiled today, Sammy! And I’m thankful that your chicken is gone – you know how I feel about them!

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