cow sitting

Ha – look at Maru!  I really, really have to get myself a cow…



P.S. Dear Mr. Yakuza, I hope that you will overlook the fact that I’ve posted one of Maru-san’s photos on my blog. I just think his cow is absolutely fabulous!


17 comments on “cow sitting

  1. That truly IS a fabulous cow Maru-san has. All he needs is a cowboy (ahem) hat and he’d look “ready to ride the range” …. Pedro, I can just see you atop your very own cow. We’ve been trying to find one for you online and none of them seem quite as “sturdy” as Maru’s is. We think it would just look awesome if it was YOU atop such a cow looking as nonplussed as Maru looks in this photo. Of course you’d look so much more…………..”appropriate”……….atop the black/white cow.

    Your BFC Sam

  2. Awww. Maru is so cute. Snuggles. I can’t wait till you get your own cow, Pedro. I have a big polar bear. Maybe we could paint him with black spots?

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