Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate the holiday, today I’m feasting on corned cat food without cabbage (Kitty says it makes me gassy) and meowing with an Irish lilt. I hope you’re doing something equally festive!

(Yes, that’s my green mousie toy on my noggin. My green wardrobe is somewhat limited, and I wasn’t going to risk getting pinched!)


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    • Aloha, Isobel and Not Cat! I have to admit that my religious education has been minimal, so I’m not exactly sure what a “patron saint” is. Having said that, I know that Father Damien of Kalaupapa was made a saint fairly recently – late 2009, I think. If Hawaii has a patron saint, I would be very surprised if it weren’t him.

  1. Pedro you look VERY festive for the occasion. I’m afraid I would have been quite GREEN if I’d had corned cat food for dinner but I admire you for throwing yourself into the spirit of things! I do like your St. Pat’s hat though – floofy without being gaudy….understated elegance I’d say!

    Your BFC Sammy

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