pedro’s pau hana

I had a rough day today.  Our neighbors (my human affectionately calls them The Crackheads) had quite a St. Paddy’s Day celebration that started yesterday and included an “after party” today.  My human worked all day today, so Kitty and I were home alone, listening to The Crackheads’ festivities.  By the time my human got home, I was really ready for a pau hana.  In Hawaii, humans call an after-work drink a pau hana.  My version is a nice long bath in my human’s lap… 

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7 comments on “pedro’s pau hana

  1. If you had to listen to The Crackheads all day long, you deserved two pau hanas Pedro! It appears you were able to relax once your human came home but listening to all that crack-racket next door must have been disturbing to say the least. Don’t they know there’s a senior citizen cat and an internationally known cow-cat next door who need their rest?????? Of all the nerve!

    Your BFC Sam

    • Hey, Sammy! I got some treats after my bath, so that was kinda like two pau hanas. My human knows how much The Crackheads bother me, so I get a lot of pampering when she knows I’m upset. 🙂 As for The Crackheads, they just don’t care who they’re upsetting. Humans can be so insensitive.

  2. So glad you could relax once your human returned home. Those are great pics of you. Well, ALL pics of you are great, but these are superb.

    • The Crackheads aren’t so awful if I’m sitting in my human’s lap… The photos are a little fuzzy. But I imagine it’s hard to take action shots of something that’s in your lap, so I’ll excuse the fuzziness.

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