i’m an inspiration!

My good buddy Sammy, the ginger genius of One Spoiled Cat, awarded me with a really special award a few days ago – the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.   I’m really thrilled to have received this one because I like to think of myself as being an inspiration to career-minded cats everywhere.  Plus, the award matches my fabulous coat!

To receive the award, I have a few fun questions to answer…

I am most creative when… I’m laying on my back under the ceiling fan. I might look like I’m napping, but that’s really when I do my best creative thinking.

If I were a color, I would be… Ugghh. Can I chose black and white and red all over, because that’s really ME?!?

I often imagine myself…  With opposable thumbs.  And with a cow of my very own.

I really wish I knew how to…  Drive.  Fast.

I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday…  Laying on my back under the ceiling fan, being my most creative.

I’m most excited about…  Dinner.  And breakfast.  And my blossoming career.

My secret talent is…  Yodeling.  Kitty says I sound like a sick chihuahua howling, but I know she’s just cranky.  I have mad yodeling skills.

letting my creative juices flow

As soon as Sammy bestowed this honor upon me, I knew exactly which blogs I would pass the award on to:

Lemonysqueezes – This blog is the story of the cats of the Helen O Krause Animal Foundation shelter and the humans that care for them.  And it’s incredibly inspirational because those humans really care for those cats.  As a former shelter cat myself, I’m really touched by the stories and photos. 

Confessions of a Cat Woman –  This is the blog of a woman who does it all – she juggles a career, family, and 5 cats.  And she’s really supportive of all of her cats’ burgeoning careers.  I’m inspired by her, and just a bit jealous.  My human is such an underachiever…

I hope you all enjoy those blogs, and are inspired by them as well.  Thank you so much for this award, Sammy.  You’re the best!


9 comments on “i’m an inspiration!

  1. It’s all an illusion, Pedro old boy. She doesn’t juggle, she just drops the ball a lot. I had to wait almost FOUR MINUTES for food yesterday. Mojo Cat.

    • Aloha Mojo Cat! Sorry, but I’m still impressed – the other day my bowl was empty for HOURS. And my human isn’t busy at all! And if yours is dropping the ball a lot, at least you have automatic kitty soccer games!

  2. I love your description of Sammy “ginger genius”; can’t wait til his Mom reads that!
    Congrats on the award, Pedro. Love your answers – and the picture! You look so……creative.

  3. Dude! Ginger Genius huh? Wow…..I like that! Well, you’d better believe that keeping up with you and your human are VERY inspirational to a lot of us cats and peeps and we’re just waiting for the day when we can say “we knew you when” as you claw your way to the top!!! (of anything) I enjoyed your answers to the questions too – it’s fun to learn new stuff about our friends don’t you think?????

    Your BFC, The Ginger Genius

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