pedro the cat in protest


I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my adoring fans.  I’ve been staging a sit-in in protest of the neglect and mistreatment I’ve experienced at the hands of my cruel and heartless human.Last week, my human packed up and left. She didn’t actually pack, since the bag she took was nearly empty.  But she abandoned Kitty and I and left us all alone for days.  What if Kitty had eaten all of the provisions our human left on the very first day?  Or what if our water fountain’s motor had broken down?  I could have starved to death!  Plus, she took the laptop so I couldn’t blog or order pizza for almost 3 whole days.  And there was no one to brush me or pet me.  It was pure negligence and completely unacceptable…  And when she finally returned home, that empty bag was stuffed full. And there was nothing in it for me. NOTHING! The mistreatment is inhuman and absolutely appalling.  I will continue my luggage sit-in until my grievances are addressed.


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  1. Uh oh….Well Pedro, it seems your human is dancing around the edge of “inappropriate” behavior with her disappearing act! THREE WHOLE DAYS without your human to adore you is an unbearable period of time and I suppose YOU had to take care of Kitty by yourself, clean out your own litterbox, protect the home from intruders….it’s a LOT of responsibility! I bet she didn’t even CALL you to make sure you were OK did she????? No – of course she didn’t….it was “ALL ABOUT HER”…..wasn’t it?!?!?! I think the luggage protest could possibly be effective especially if you manage to distribute your hair all over the things she has in her suitcase. Or even better, maybe you could work up a nice juicy hairball to deposit on top of the luggage? I’m thinking if you play your cards right, she might order you something that will arrive in a nice new BIG box you can play in. Go for it.

    Your BFC Sam

    • Hey, Sammy! I knew you’d understand the horrors of being abandonded for DAYS!(although it wasn’t quite 3 days. More like 2.5. Or maybe a little less. Still unacceptable.) Kitty is in charge of hairballs, and she distributed lots of them. I think our human is getting our point, but she still hasn’t grovelled appropriately yet.

  2. Sundae kitty here – I’m with you, my feline brothers and sisters! Occupy Suitcase! We must stop this abandonment; sometimes my humans leave me OVERNIGHT!

  3. You poor things. My human does that sometimes also. The worst part is the litter box. I hate it when it isn’t cleaned every single day. So they put out two! Really! For 2 and a half days. I mean, seriously, we need to revolt. In fact I did. A nice big hair ball. haha.

    From your also mistreated feline friend, Duke.

  4. I noted the animal cruelty tag, Pedro. (BTW, it’s me “lemony squeezes” swooping in from my other blog, so I can offer a few words of comfort.) This is serious business. I’m distressed that you and Kitty have endured such terrible hardship. I hope you’re recovering now and that your human understands what you’ve been through and will take all measures to avoid traumatizing you in this manner in the future. (I’m signing up to follow from my other blog, so I can follow your situation more closely.)

    • Aloha Lemony, I missed 4 scheduled brushing sessions. 4!!! How am I supposed to perform at peak levels when I don’t look my best? I’ve given up occupying the luggage, but I’m still giving my human the cold furry shoulder. And I’m reserving the right to pee on her pillow… I bet you would never neglect your kitty like this, Lemony.

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