getting life in balance

Aloha to all of my adoring fans!  I know I’ve been neglecting you, but I’m back at work and ready to blog again… 

You may remember that I was staging a sit-in in my human’s luggage to protest her leaving Kitty and I alone while she took a short trip.  During my suitcase protest, I had one of those huge life-changing epiphanies.  It occurred to me that my human must have been picking up on my serious businesscat vibe, and it made her think that I was independent and responsible enough to be left alone.  That thought made me reflect on our household dynamics, and I saw that things were slightly askew around here.  So I spent the last week getting my life back into balance. 

Humans are strange creatures, and they really seem to need to feel needed.  And lately I’ve been spending so much time on my manuscript and business endeavors that I’d forgotten to pretend that I’m a helpless furball.  I saw immediately what needed to happen.  I cuddled and kneaded and purred and head-bumped.  I frolicked and played and did silly cat things.  I was even nice to Kitty.  I did everything I could to reinforce the stereotypical cat/person relationship.  And she totally bought it.  She won’t be neglecting us again any time soon.  And I’m getting lots of treats.  I did miss all of my blogging friends and fans, but the treats definitely made up for that.

Now that things are back to “normal” around here, I’m eager to reconnect with my adoring public and get back to work. But I’ll remember to save some time for my human.


16 comments on “getting life in balance

  1. Pedro, I for one certainly missed your updates. Things aren’t nearly as fun as they otherwise are when you’re not making your presence known in the blogosphere! Welcome back……I missed you. I’m happy to hear you feel you’ve achieved a better balance between YOU and your human. No doubt there won’t be further need of suitcase sit-ins around your house!

    Your Pal Sammy

  2. I’ve missed you, Pedro! It’s so sweet of you to make sure your human feels needed. Having some warm and fuzzy moments won’t hurt your presidential image at all.

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