one exhausted businesscat

Holy cow-spotted cat!  I’ve been training SOOOO hard to get ready for my big surprise that I’m completely exhausted.  Or maybe I’m coming down with narcolepsy… 


10 comments on “one exhausted businesscat

  1. Pedro, you’d better be careful up there on that table guy! You look like you’re about to drip off the edge on to your noggin. Not good. Hopefully your BIG SURPRISE will be worth all this extra exhaustion you’re experiencing… the rest of your adoring fans, I’m just DYING to know what’s up?!?!


    • Hi, Sammy! I do look a little drippy there, don’t I? 😀 I think you’re really going to enjoy my big surprise, so that makes it all worthwhile. And now I have to get back to work…

      • Pedro don’t work yourself into a breakdown now….it sounds to me like you’re overworking yourself. Still, I know ALL of us in blogdom are anxious to hear what this BIG SURPRISE is!!!!


  2. I just love Sammy’s comment: “about to drip off the edge”! That says it all. Can’t wait for the surprise.
    Your friend, Sundae kitty

    • Aloha, Tsuyuki! You’re right, I am very cute. Gravity does tend to effect me more than most cats, but I can assure you that my cat-like reflexes will keep me safe in instances like this.

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