sourpusses in boots

A few days ago I was shocked to see a scathing review of the movie Puss In Boots written by Minlit of the blog Confessions of a Cat Woman.  I’ve always considered Minlit to be intelligent and tasteful (for a human), but how could a movie about such a cool cat be bad?  Could I have misjudged Minlit??  Or could the movie that I’ve eagerly awaited for months really be a flop???

I decided that Income Tax Deadline Eve was the perfect special occasion to settle down with some diet cat kibble to munch on while I finally watched Puss.  I was determined to watch with an open mind, and fully prepared to love every minute of the movie.  Sadly, I have to say that Minlit was right.  There were a few good moments, but for the most part Puss was completely lacking in the “felinity” that made him so lovable in the Shrek movies.  They clearly needed a few cat consultants on set…  If I had thumbs, they would be down… 

If you’d like to see a really entertaining puss in boots, try this instead.  It starts out a little slow, but the last 30 seconds is fantastic.


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  1. Well gosh, if you guys didn’t like it then I just KNOW I won’t either so we won’t be sitting in front of the TV with our various snacks to take a gander at this one. I have thumbs as you know Pedro, and should anyone ask me about P.I.B. I’ll happily put them DOWN based on yours and Minlit’s word. So there. How’s that for solidarity?

    Your BFC Sammy

  2. Believe me Pedro, I did not want to be the bearer of such bad tidings. I had waited a long time to enjoy a feature length feline. Still, I am glad that I’m not alone in my views. There’s always Toothless the Dragon if I need a cat-flix-fix. Ok, so he’s a dragon, but he was BASED on a cat, and therefore, is more cat-like than poor Puss.

    • Aloha Oldcat! I LOVE that version of Puss In Boot. Very cute. 🙂

      How did you put the video in your reply? I tried to do that instead of just having the link, but I couldn’t make it work…

      • I just grabbed the address of the vid in Youtube from the browser top bar, and pasted it in. WordPress fixed it up.

        Oddly, it doesn’t do that for pictures – you’d probably have to put in the HTML code like in your posts…

        • add media from the post editor has three buttons. Pick ‘From URL’,,,paste the URL from youtube in the first box, and a label in the second, Then insert into post.

          It puts a line like this in there, which should embed the vid when you preview.

          • I still couldn’t get that to work. As soon as I enter the URL, the insert button disappears. But I was able to paste the URL into the post and WordPress worked its magic. Thanks for the help, wise Oldcat!

    • Aloha Rumpy! I’m certainly glad my human wouldn’t do anything like that to me. But I have to admit that I can sometimes find some humor in other cats’ fairly minor misfortunes. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad cat…

      But here’s a question you might be able to clear up. LOTS of dogs wear booties – dogs just like yourself, only slightly more blue collar than you (please tell me you giggled at that pun just a bit). If dogs can do it, why can’t cats figure out how to walk in shoes???

      • I don’t take issue with the shoes. The shoes protect an animal’s feet in extreme cold. I take issue with someone doing that to an animal just for a laugh. That is NOT funny.

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