pedro the cowboy cat’s first western


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  1. Aloha – or should I say “howdy” Partner! You not only found a cow, you got a cowboy hat too….ScarboroughFair is way cool with hats aren’t they? As soon as a GREEN beret is available I’ll be picking one up myself. Meanwhile, I’m groovin’ on your new adventure as a cowboycat star. Pedro, you’ve always got SOMETHING goin’ on…….Happy Trails To You!

    Your BFC Sam

    • Howdy, Sam! Isn’t my custom 10 gallon hat cool? Scarborough Fair is the best cat hat maker ever! I can’t wait until you get a green beret! Maybe I could send you my cow for the unveiling of your hat. He & I had some artistic differences…

      • I’m just glad you finally found an appropriate cow-companion. Heaven knows it’s been a challenge locating the right one! Artistic differences huh? Doesn’t that cow know who’s in charge around that ranch of yours??

  2. This is purrfect! You are so handsome in your red cowboy hat. And your cow is a good companion, though of course you are far more handsome than it (or him or her?). I knew your surprise for us would be good, but this is so good I’m swooning. Your very own hat! From the official haberdasher of the Miaos! This is so incredibly cool. I didn’t even know she made cowboy hats. But what could be more perfect for a black and white cowkitty than a cowboy hat? Sprocket’s making me watch the video for about the tenth time now. 😀

    • Howdy, Littlemiao! I’m so glad you liked my surprise! I was so excited about my custom hat and couldn’t wait to show you, but then it took soooooo looooooong to get used to wearing it. I have a new respect for Chun and Sprocket! 😀

      • Practice makes purrfect! Chun didn’t have to practice at all, but Sprockers on the other hand could probably take some lessons from you now.

  3. Good movie.

    The Videopress stuff sure leaves a lot of stuff in the WordPress Reader. And no play button. You might drop support a note to have them fix that like they have for Youtube videos and such.

  4. Pedro, can you PUHLEASE post the name of that song? It’s driving my mom crazy – she can’t find it researching the ‘net. Thanks!

  5. Yo! Dude! The hat! How great is that! And red so totally matches your soft claws! YES! Nice fashion statement. Not sure about the cowboy ‘tude, but could grow on me ‘cept aren’t you in Aloha land???? hmmmm….

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