behind the scenes of pedro’s first western

I know that all of my loving fans have tons of questions about my Western slideshow extravaganza. So, today I thought I’d take you behind the scenes…

First stop, the wardrobe department.  Isn’t my cowcat hat fantastic?  I was thrilled when the famous feline haberdasher (and milliner to the Miaolings!) ToScarboroughFair made me my very own custom 10-gallon hat in my favorite shade of red…  Unfortunately, since I’d never actually worn a hat, I didn’t realize that a cat is not born with hat wearing skills.  So it took a bit of education, rigorous training exercises, and a lot of treats.  But now it feels perfectly natural to have my cowcat hat on my adorable noggin.

The cow.  I knew that my bovine options would be limited, since I live in a small condo in a fairly remote area with limited shopping.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when my human brought home such a good looking cow.  But he wasn’t very friendly.  And he didn’t have much personality.  And he smelled funny.  You may have noticed a little tension between us in some of the photos…  Needless to say, I told the cow to take a flying leap over the moon.  And I’m in the market for a new cow.

And the most important question of all – the one I know you’re all dying to know about…  Sequels!  I do have a few creative ideas for a sequel or four.  I’m going to continue working on my cowcat hat wearing skills, and maybe I’ll try to find someone to make me some custom cat chaps.  When the time is right and I’ve obtained the right cow for the job, I’ll be ready to make My First Western Part Two.


15 comments on “behind the scenes of pedro’s first western

  1. Pedro I do think that cowcat hat looks way cool on your noggin. So the search will continue for a suitable cow pal since you and candidate #1 aren’t “sympatico” ? Here’s wishing you luck with that….and of course we’re ALL eagerly awaiting more sequels featuring “A Cowboy and his Cowpal”……by the way, chaps would be swell but I suggest you do NOT get any spurs. Could be ugly.

    Your Envious BFC Sam

  2. I can’t wait for the sequels!

    Is there any way you and the cow could transcend your differences and collaborate again in the future? I thought he did a pretty good job, and he definitely didn’t steal the spotlight from you (even when he did steal the hat). Also a possibility: in the sequels, you could have more than one cow in the cast, because usually cowboys have more than one, right?

    You couldn’t have custom-ordered a more perfect hat! And it is of course not surprising that the hat should have turned out so perfectly given the incredible skills of our haberdasher.

    And finally, I have the purrfect sequel idea: You and Sprocket can co-star! He might need to order a mini-cowboy hat because I’m not sure how his red beret would work with the cowboy theme.

    • Aloha, Littlemiao! Thanks for the fantastic input! I’m not sure if I could ever work with that cow again. He was smelly, and he had weird, beady eyes… My original storyboard called for a herd of cows, but I had trouble locating an entire herd. If I can find a herd, I’ll definitely use them all in the first sequel. Assuming they aren’t stinky and scary…

      I think having Sprocket as a co-star (not to be confused with cow-star) is a fantastic idea! And if he doesn’t have a cowcat hat, we could always use French subtitles so his beret fits in.

  3. Personally, I think you need to involve a lasso and move to action movie styleee. Maybe a lasso AND catnip. Now that would be a block buster.

  4. Pedro, you are looking mighty glum in that last one. I would hate to think that that dumb bovine is giving you mad cow thingy . . . . a word with the bean might be in order. Quarantine the dumb boviine.

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