bad fur day…

Does anyone know how to remove hard water stains from a cat?

I will never be able to join the ranks of the high-powered celebrity cats unless I look my best. And it’s hard to look my best with this weird water spot on my noggin. It might look subtle in this photo, but I think it really stands out in person.  Or in cat, for that matter.  Does anyone know how to remove hard water stains from fur?

P.S. No, Kitty has not been subjecting me to Chinese water torture. My favorite watering hole is the bathtub, but the spout drips on me when I drink. I don’t mind the drips – I picture myself as a cow-spotted jaguar in the rainforest, with rain dripping from giant leaves…


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    • Kitty shampoo doesn’t seem to do the trick… I bet Sprocket is picturing himself as a big 3-legged black and white jaguar, with rainforest leaves dripping on him. And he’s wearing a beret in his rainforest. 🙂

  1. Perhaps you should be trying to INTENSIFY the spots, not remove them. Reference your “black and white and red all over” matter.

    • I’ve always been proud that I’m naturally beautiful… What kind of message does it send my fans if they found out that I dye my fur? And what if I don’t look good without my fur parted in the center?

  2. Aloha Pedro. Seems your water-stained noggin issue isn’t easily solved. Future darkening of said stain would, of course, be prevented by using a mini-shower cap but it could be (gasp) the water stain is here to stay.


    • Aloha Jimmie! I think you’ll be old enough to vote by the time it grows out, Jimmie. I’ve been growing my hair out for 7 years now, and I still can’t put itin pigtails! 😀

  3. lemon juice might work. just pretend you’re the tub, Pedro, and need to clean the enamel! also, a paste of baking soda and vinegar–would this be tolerated? I don’t have any experience with these stains on cats, but the remedies are recommended for hard water stains on other things!

  4. There’s gotta be something that will work. I know someone with a little white terrier that gets those brownish marks on his face – going to the dogs for advice seems a bit extreme but you have to work for beauty sometimes.

  5. errr…ummm…maybe ya should try drinking some place else??? Just sayin…you could shave your head and let new fur grow back…but still…ya gotta drink someplace else dude…no really…I mean it…seriously!

    • That’s just crazy talk, Savannah! Everycat knows the freshest, cleanest, tastiest water comes from the bath tub… Yeah, I have a cat fountain and it’s OK. But when you need a really refreshing beverage, you head for the tub…

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