human work ethic

Do I look as irritated as I feel?  I will never understand the lack of work ethic among humans.  It’s just baffling.  And exasperating… 

As you all know, I am a busy businesscat with an exhausting work schedule.  Therefore, I do make some demands of my human.  I expect a fresh bowl of kibble 90 minutes before sunrise, followed by a complete full-body brushing session.  This gives me plenty of time to digest my breakfast and finish grooming myself before my first cat nap of the day, which occurs 30 minutes after sunrise.  I work very hard, and I don’t feel these expectations are unreasonable.  But when I wake up my human at 4:30 a.m. to order breakfast, she looks at me like I’m a 3-headed alien demanding a lomi lomi massage with hot stones.  This morning she had the gall to lock me out of the bedroom immediately after serving my kibble.  Where did she expect me to take my 6:30 a.m. nap???


13 comments on “human work ethic

  1. Oooh…life is tough, Pedro. I know what you’re going through, buddy. My humans won’t get up to play with me at 2 a.m. Don’t they know it’s party time?
    Your friend, Sundae

  2. seriously Pedro…ya have to speak strongly with your huMom! She cannot shut you out of your bedroom like that…and to think she does this when you allow her and the dudeDad to actually share your bedroom….haruummph

  3. Aloha Pedro…well this is a sad turn of events around your house. Just when you had her so well trained she decides to cause problems with your schedule. Some kind of punishment is in order. Perhaps some kind of “surprise” when she gets home from work? Perhaps in a spot where she would DEFINITELY notice it (if you get my drift). I’m sorry you have to spend your valuable time in retraining but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

    With sincerest sympathy,
    Your BFC Sam

  4. Shocking isn’t it?! Hoomans just seem to need endless training and completely ignore what a taxing schedule can do to a pet.

    Bingo was most aggrieved recently when he had to go without parsley for a few days because Mummy ‘claimed’ it was raining to much for her to fetch any from the garden. Of course this did nothing to improve the wet weather mood.

    *sigh* when will they understand.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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