happy mother’s day!

Today mothers everywhere are being honored and pampered and appreciated.  I wanted to take a moment to salute my own mother.  Unfortunately, my memories of her are fairly vague.  But I’m sure she was a fabulous cat and a wonderful mother, and I imagine that she looked something like this… Happy Mother’s Day, Mom Cat!


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  1. Pedro – Dude – Your “vision” of your Cat Mom is – well – spectacular to say the least. I guess I always pictured her with a black spot or two on her coat but maybe your Cat Dad was a panther and their babies were cow-spotted?????? You probably don’t know this yet but this morning when we had our “SAM’S BLOGAVERSARY” surprise package drawing YOU were the winner! Yes – how fabulous is that? Will you make sure your human contacts my human via email so we can get your surprise to you ASAP? I know how much you like surprises.

    Your BFC Sammy

    • Aloha, Sammy! I can’t believe I won your contest! Yay!!! I’ll email your human later on today. I’m so excited!!! 🙂 I do LOVE surprises!

      It’s funny that you always pictured my mom with cow spots, because I did, too. But when I saw this photo, I immediately got the warm fuzzies and I thought, “Aww, that’s my mom”. So maybe you’re right about my dad giving me my spottiness. I’m sure he was a handsome cat, too…

      • I’m sure your Dad was very handsome – but I just bet he didn’t have red claws! I’m glad you won the contest – I’m excited. I sometimes wonder what my cat parents looked like – I’m thinking at least ONE of them was ginger and had extra toes!!

        Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Aloha, Rumpy! Isn’t it funny that we forget the specifics of our moms, but we just know that we LOVE them??? Maybe yours was a huge, gorgeous wolf, Rumpster! Or a champion dog sled team leader!

  2. aaaaaw what a nice gesture.

    I don’t remember my mother either but I made sure I was specially nice to my human on Sunday. I let her sleep in

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