missing me?

Did you miss me? 

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you all.  I’ve been having some technical difficulties – my human has been hogging the laptop!  If she takes it out and about for her “work”, how am I supposed to stay in touch with my loyal fans and friends???

Don’t fret – now I’m closely guarding the laptop to make sure I have access. I’m not letting it out of my sight again!

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  1. Pedro! Dude! Did we miss you? I should say so….Did you realize that you (yes YOU) won the blogaversary drawing I had a couple of weeks ago??? Yes you did and my human has sent your human a couple of emails so we could send your ultra-fab-totally-amazing-surprise-package to you for winning the drawing. All we need is your mailing address my friend….have your business representative email my business representative and we’ll get this done! I’m even throwing in a couple pieces of my blogaversary party tissue for you. Don’t thank me – it’s just the kind of guy I am! Welcome back to my BFC.


      • We’ll get your package in the mail TODAY – my peep got your peep’s note! Hope you like my special tissue – I don’t give that away to just ANY cat you know……. 😀


  2. Yes we missed you!! The Miaos have been absent too so you haven’t missed much from us.

    I want you as my desktop background, Pedro. That is a great photo.

    • Ah, I’ve really, really missed you and your Miaolings, Littlemiao. I did have Sprocket’s trading card to keep me company, but it’s not the same. Is he 16 lbs yet? 😀

      Don’t you love my human’s desktop? The only thing better than a Pedro is a Pedro with Pedro in the background!

      • Almost 11 lbs last we checked. His rate of growth has slowed down, and yet the vet implied none-too-subtly that we should rethink having crunchies available 24/7. So he’s working on building muscle mass not belly mass.

        I have Pedro on my fridge and Pedro on my bookcase. 😀

        • Oohh… Scheduled feedings? As an expert in cat food, I would have to advise against that. To avoid cranky kitties, I recommend 24/7 feeding with crunchies, with regular healthy treats…

          I am so proud to be on your fridge and bookcase. Those are my 2 favorite places because I LOVE treats and napping amongst books!!!

  3. Dude! I was just thinking about you today.

    Man, I hear ya. My human doesn’t the same thing to me, for “work” as well. Good thing you’re setting it straight now

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