cow spotting with maru

Does anyone know where I can buy a decent cow? A cowboy cat like myself needs a really talented heifer.  Surely Maru can’t be the only cat in the world with an excellent cow…


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  1. Maru gives new meaning (and a new “visual”) to “ride ’em cowboy” doesn’t he? Still, we can’t help but think you, dear Pedro, would look every so much more RIGHT atop a good cow like he’s got – plus I bet you’d know the front from the BACK of the cow too!

    Your BFC Sammy

  2. I can give you Felix /Felicity’s number – she has a few to spare I believe and doesn’t have time to look after them, what with the gender reassignment and new family responsibilities. They like to groom cats though….u up 4 it?

      • Sorry for late reply, old chap. Been in London to see the Queen etc etc. In answer to your question, one cow bath, despite their gigantic proportions, is equivalent (in today’s marcat) to .04 of a cat bath. That’s why you’d probably need a herd. Maybe you could hook up with one of those Hawaiian cowboys I read about recently? Yours, as always, Mojo Cat.

      • Would probably need to lease a railroad car. Not sure what the cost of that would be. Probably prohibitive, so that would suggest a bovine hobo. Could be harder to find. Working on it. Advertising: Wanted: Bo HoBo. Apply within.

  3. Yo Pedro…if I can have a Siberian, Nanuk for a pal, surely we can find you a cowpal…and a big one! Gotta be big enough for you to hang out with, talk with like I do Nanuk…let me get on this righ away…runs down hall yowling “Mom, Mom…get off the puter thingy! I have’ta go shopping on line for my pal Pedro…!!!”

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