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You may recall that last month I submitted a review of myself to Review of My Cat.  I am sorry to say that the editors of Review of My Cat appear to have shut down completely before publishing my review.  In fact, our Japanese friend Maru-san was their last subject.  My only thought is that they didn’t want to make poor Maru feel bad about his score by following it with such a fabulous creature as myself.  I guess I can appreciate their sensitivity…  But as I have yet to complete my own sensitivity training, I’ve decided to publish my own review right here on my very own blog.  I’ve followed the Review of My Cat format, and included my favorite headshot and action photo for your viewing pleasure.

Appearance:  A+

      Duh.  Have you ever seen a more handsome cow-spotted cat???  Or any colored cat, for that matter?

Sociability:  B+

      I love almost everyone, feline or human.  At a party, I’m a social butterfly.  I especially love greeting the pizza man at the door when he arrives.  I’m not such a huge fan of yippy dogs, and I’d prefer less interaction with the neighbors my human calls The Crackheads.  Their yelling makes me groom myself (and others) obsessively…  But other than that, I am a highly social creature.

Usefulness:  A+

      Look at me – I’m a businesscat with his own popular blog.  Someday I’ll be paying my human’s mortgage, or maybe my very own.  Plus, I’m in charge of grooming and hygiene in this household, which is a duty I take very seriously.

Huggability:  A+

      I love hugs.  Don’t tell anyone, but my human calls me a “snugglebunny” because I’m so cuddly.

Overall Grade:  A+


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  1. Pedro….excellent review of yourself. No doubt you’re right about why that site closed down after receiving your review for publication – they didn’t want to insult Maru-san by “one-upping” him with your review and photos. Even I, your BFC, learned something new about you though now that you’ve “self-published” your review: I did NOT know you were a hugger. I’m glad to hear that…..I believe that quality makes us ever so much more approachable and lovable. I do my best in that regard as well. “Snugglebunny” suits you to a “T”…..(giggle). Keep an eye out for your surprise package – they said it would take a week to get to you….not sure if it will arrive via surfboard, para-sailing or zip line but it’s due to land shortly.

    Your BFC, Sammy

    • Aloha, Sammy! I am so excited about my package! I really can’t wait ’til it gets here! But in the meantime, no teasing about the snugglebunny thing. Just because I enjoy a good cuddle, doesn’t make me less of a manly, tough, mighty cow-spotted mini-lion. Grrrr. (Did that sound tough enough???)

  2. Great review, Pedro! My mom wishes I were a snugglebunny. I’m much too independent to be bothered with that kind of stuff. So if you’d like to vacation in Virginia sometime to cuddle with her, I’m sure she’d appreciate it!

    • Aloha Sundae! If I’m ever in the neighborhood of Virginia, I’ll definitely stop by for a cuddle. In the meantime, maybe you should try to expand your own “huggability”. Snuggling is good for our coat and aids in digestion, and helps keep our humans’ blood pressure nice and low. Give it a try sometime! 🙂

  3. Pedro, I completely LOVED your review. I’m sorry to hear about the noisy Crackheads. I just thought you’d like to know that [Cat]arina is the all-time biggest hugger I’ve ever known. She’ll be glad to know that you’re a hugger, too. 🙂

  4. Sounds completely accurate. I think this might be one of your hitherto undiscovered talents. Maybe you should start doing reviews yourself. You can size up a cat and nail him to a (blog) post in minutes.

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