pedro found a cow!!!

I’m so excited!!!  After hours and hours of shopping online, I’ve finally found the perfect cow!  He’s much, much cuter than Maru’s cow.  And I think he’ll be the perfect size for me when he’s fully grown.  His mom and dad both are about 3 feet tall.  When he’s grown up, he’ll be slightly over the condo association’s 40-lb maximum (like 300 lbs over) but he’s so cute that I’m sure they’ll be willing to overlook his weight… My baby bull is really affordable – only $1500 plus shipping from wherever Pillard’s Miniature Cattle farm is. But I think my human would probably notice if I put that on her debit card, so I’ve come up with the perfect calf financing plan. I’m going to install a PayPal widget so all of my adoring fans can make donations to Pedro’s Cattle Fund Drive. Isn’t that a fabulous idea???  I think I’ll name him Bo, short for Bovine…


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  1. Oooh, Pedro, dude, I think you may need to rethink this one. My human lived across the highway from a dairy farm when she was growing up. PEE-YEW-EEE, those things STINK! It’s like a litterbox on steroids….. You’d better hold out for a “pretend” cow.
    Just lookin’ out for ya,
    Love, Sundae

  2. Congratulations on finding the perfect cow companion! Bo the Baby Bull will be a nice addition to your household. The Paypal idea is perfect – all your fans have been hoping you’d get your cow so helping you acquire him (financially speaking) is the least all of us can do. Perhaps the condo association would be willing to give Bo a chunk of land to graze upon in exchange for keeping the feral chicken population at bay? Just a thought……

    Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha Sammy! Isn’t Bo perfect? I can just picture a photo of me sitting on his back, looking out our sliding glass doors. With me facing forward, of course. It’s gonna be fantastic!

      • It sure will be Pedro….Maru can truly “kiss your furry….” when he sees THAT photo of yours! Can’t wait……..

        Kitty Hugs for my BFC

    • Hmmm…. It seems like I might feel guilty accepting your donation when the HOKAFI cats might have some needs of their own. Maybe you could just give me moral support instead of financial. 🙂

  3. Here’s the beef: What everybody else has said that’s negative. Don’t mention it. Our role in life: Accentuate the negative.

  4. …errrr…ummmm…ahhhh…weeellll…lemme think….ahhhh…Pedro, my man…not sure if anyfurrybody has talked straight to ya…so let me take a shot at this…ahhhh…gee, guy…I know ya want a cow…but seriously, have ya thought about the problems for your staff???…they luvluvluv ya man! Totally…maybe ya outta get a grip…think about a cow that is less demanding…like a stuffed one (NO NO NO!!! not a REAL stuffed cow!!!)..meaning a plushy little toy that you can wrip and shred when ya don’t like what he/she says???!!! So, that’s just IMHO…and just sayin….paw pats Savvy here

  5. Oh I dunno Pedro. What if your human makes you share your cat food and treats with that thing? And it’ll sure need a big litter box!

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