really, review of my cat???

Do I look as cranky as I feel?

A few days ago I finally gave up on the editors of Review Of My Cat  and self-published a review of myself.  The editors had clearly retired from the business of cat reviews, as they hadn’t published a new one in almost 2 months…

Just days after my self-review was posted, Review of My Cat began publishing new reviews of mediocre housecats.  And since they have returned from their “hiatus”, they have not yet published the review I submitted to them in April.  Hmph!


6 comments on “really, review of my cat???

  1. Pedro, perhaps they were so overwhelmed by your fabulous review they were afraid it would discourage other, less interesting cats from sending in reviews? Obviously they don’t know a good cat review when they SEE one! It’s THEIR loss!

    Your BFC Sam

  2. Ah, Pedro, that’s simply shockingly negligent of them. While I can see Sammy’s POV, I have to say I’d be of the opinion that your aspirational character should be a source of encouragement to other cats to get out there and shine. Whiskers are doin’ it for themselves. Sincerely, Mojo Cat.

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