the end of my slump

I have to admit that I’m in a bit of a slump. My blossoming career has been blossoming more slowly than molasses. I’ve had a touch of writer’s block, so my manuscript is blossoming more slowly than my career. And honestly, I’ve been spending most of my time just acting like a silly housecat. I do enjoy the stress-free living, but I have to admit that it leaves me short on material for blogging. So, today I visited the site of the master feline blogger, Maru-san. And I saw something there that really fascinated me, and then brought me back to the original reason I began blogging and pursuing fame and fortune: Maru is just a cat. He never runs out of material or inspiration because he’s just acting like a cat.  And yet, everyone loves Maru.  And there is my inspiration:  whether I am a fabulous businesscat or a silly housecat, people love me just the way I am.  So today I am just a silly housecat, playing with my favorite pink feathery toy…  After I finish a chapter of my manuscript about my complex friendship and working relationship with Kitty, that is.


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  1. Pedro, You must embrace self doubt (and anything filled with catnip). I always wondered about the Maru phenomenon, though I think I may have cracked it. See, smart cats use a lot of words. Maru transcends language with those video things…..He’s got the jump on us. Now, personally, I am a greater admirer of Shiro Neko’s output, but I think I’m in the meownority there.
    Nonetheless, I have full confidence in your abilities.
    Sincerely, Mojo Cat.

  2. Pedro, we all appreciate the many facets of Pedro. Being a regular housecat from time to time and setting aside all the hustle and bustle of business-related activities is important for your well-being (besides, it’s fun). Remember too as regards the famous Maru – YOU have something HE will never have – A sense of direction! (remember the photo of him facing the wrong direction on his cow) Good luck with your manuscript by the way – is this your thesis for your PhD?

    Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha Sammy! I got your package, and I’m going to blog about it soon. (Right now I’m too busy playing with my new rat!) I was hitting the writer’s block wall again, so it came at the perfect time. (The manuscript is a tell-all memoir with a touch of psychobabble and some confidence-building and inspiration built in. And plenty of photos of myself. It’s going to be fantastic!)

  3. Poor kitty. I feel your pain. I’ve had a craft block for months now. But I just annoy my cats, rather than play with a pink feather boa. I’m sure they’d prefer I pick the boa.

  4. You just can’t improve on perfection, Pedro. I heard you got a special package in the mail recently from our mutual furriend, Sammy!

  5. Hiya Pedro..first you have awards waiting for you to pick up. Go to my Monday post and you will fing them there. I hope you enjoy them ‘cuz ya deserve them. And about being a simple housecat…dude…we are complex felines…our lives are always TOTALLY fascinating to efurrybody…seriously, trust me on this one!

  6. Aww. We all love you for who you are, Pedro, because you are the amazingest cowkitty and you don’t even have to try. You just are.

    In case you haven’t noticed, we’re experiencing a slump too. It’s actually been slumping on and off since March. And the explanation is simple: I’m too lazy to push the shutter button on my camera. The Miao Brothers don’t encourage a good work ethic. All my attempts at productivity end up with cuddles or snacks.

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