things are looking up for pedro the cat!

Exciting things are happening around here!  My human is back to “normal” and has started working on my portfolio again.  Kitty has become remarkably supportive and our friendship is strengthening.  And today something really exciting happened that has helped to rebuild my confidence and solidify my career goals.  I can’t believe it myself, but today I checked my Word Ads statement and I am excited to announce that PEDRO THE CAT HAS AN INCOME.  Yep, I’m bringing home the bacon.  At this point we’re talking about a slice of bacon, or maybe two.  But I’m so excited to think that someday I will be able to afford to bring home a whole pound of bacon.  Pedro the Cat is on the way to fame and fortune!  Look out Maru, here I come…


18 comments on “things are looking up for pedro the cat!

  1. You go, Pedro! So proud of you. And if you need a secretary of the feline variety….have your people contact my people!
    Sincerely, Sundae

  2. Glad to have you back Pedro old buddy, old pal….you’ve been missed. Good to hear that you’re gainfully employed now – does this mean you’re in the market for a stuffed PIG to tie-in with the “bringing home the bacon” thing or are you still “cow-cruising” ? Welcome back……….

    Your BFC Sam

  3. Congratulations, Pedro! Once you’ve published your book, I will have my Miaolings read it so they can follow your path to success and start bringing home the bacon too (which they will get all to themselves since I’m vegan).

    • Aloha, Littlemiao! I feel a little sad that as a vegan you don’t know the truth behind the words, “Everything’s better with bacon.” Do vegans have an equivalent??? Everything’s better with wheatgrass? Everything’s better with firm tofu? Everything’s better with vodka?

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