things are looking up for pedro the cat, continued…

As most of my adoring fans know, my relationship with my roommate cat, Kitty, has been difficult at times.  She is a tiny, frail, geriatric cat.  I am a rambunctious, active, giant, unrefined, brilliant, gorgeous, fun-loving, curious, exciting, ambitious, humble and youthful cat.  It’s not an ideal combination.

After struggling through our first years together, Kitty and I had reached an uneasy truce.  She would pretend to hate me, and I would do everything I could to make sure she knew that I loved her anyway.  I would hold her down and groom her until she was dripping wet and clean as a whistle, or follow her every movement around the house so she never felt lonely.  I knew she would eventually warm up to me…  And I was right!

I’m not sure what happened, but all of a sudden Kitty LOVES me! She seeks me out for her daily grooming session, and I don’t have to hold her down. She doesn’t growl and hiss every time she sees me. And she even wants to cuddle a little during our afternoon naps. It’s amazing and fantastic, and quite possibly senile dementia.   I’m enjoying every minute of it!


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  1. Well dementia-induced or not, it’s sweet that she’s come to realize that having you as a brother is pretty darn swell. She’s got free “drive-in” cleaning service and warm cuddles which feel good on old bones….what’s NOT to like?! The photos of the two of you are very sweet. You’re a good companion Pedro!

    Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! Look – she even trusts me enough to close her eyes in the photo on the right. It took lots of hard work, but it was worth it to have someone to snuggle with when my human is at work and the Crackheads are cracking…

      • I’m glad you pursued Kitty relentlessly Pedro – she finally ran out of energy to fight you! Plus I suspect she secretly has enjoyed those free baths and the companionship of a good snuggle but was too embarrassed to say so. You finally broke down her barriers and that’s way cool! You need to add this success to your resume dude.

        Your BFC Sam

  2. Glad to hear that over time you two have finally bonded. Sometime bonding happens instantly, like the bond between my feline sisters Gracie and Abbie who had kitty love at first meeting. And sometimes bonding takes awhile, like between me and my feline sisters Abbie and Grace who I like to sleep with occasionally. Glad to see you two are doing well!

    • Aloha, Tigger! Welcome to my blog. My human would love you – she says that Tigger is her ‘aumakua. That’s kinda like the Hawaiian version of a spirit animal/protector. Most families have sharks or turtles or owls. But my human has Tigger! 😀

    • Aloha, Rumpster! I have to say that I think I have Maru beat this week – an income, and a surly old Kitty to snuggle with. (And Kitty isn’t afraid of fireworks, so she can protect me on holidays!)

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