I’ve been slightly baffled by my WordAds today, as they don’t appear to be in English or Feline. And then I had a huge realization – they’re in Spanish. Do you think WordAds assumed my readers might be Spanish speakers since my name is PEDRO???

wordads faux paw???


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  1. Hi Pedro! This is a conundrum that only a cat of superior intelligence such as YOU could possibly figure out. Why a Hawaiian cat’s blog shows Spanish ads is well beyond my understanding……but perhaps you could turn their error into some kind of money-making lawsuit? 😀

    Your BFC Sam

    • Hola, Sammy! Mi bloga es su bloga! Or something like that… I’m thinking that maybe this is a sign that I need to embrace the multi-lingual thing to increase my fan base. Maybe I can take one of those Rosetta Stone classes…

      • Good idea Pedro! You’ll be a true multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-everything kitty then and perhaps will attain your goal of superstardom as you so richly deserve!!!

        Your BFC Sam

  2. I know, I know why this is happening! It’s the same reason that when my Bean tried to change her password on our gmail account, everything turned into Spanish on google (but her password remained the same). When I pointed this out to Bean, she muttered something about rabbit-holes. Is she planning a dietary change? I would be in favor of that. Speaking of other species, how’s your “vaca” search going? “Vaca” is Spanish for cow. You probably knew that. Did you know cow in Flemish is “koe”? Maybe you didn’t know that. Anyway — diet change or no diet change, Bean hasn’t fed us anything yet this morning. Time to look into that. You keep that green-papers action pumping. Pip pip. –Bugs

    • Hola, Bugs! I think maybe you should discuss your diet with your Bean. I’m not sure cats are supposed to eat bunnies… As for my vaca search, it has taken a brief vaca-tion, but I think it’s time to get back on that horse. Or vaca, as it were… Do you know my friend Senior Bowie? He would be impressed by your Flemish language skills.

      • I do know Mijnheer Bowie and like him very much. I would like to be fluent in Flemish. But I’m not. I need google translate to convey this false fluent Flemish feeling. Pedro, truly, I think we were meant to eat rabbits. I saw two the other day and wanted them so badly I could have died. I got distracted satisfactorily with turkey, however. I haven’t tried vaca but am open. We could find one together. Hasta la vista Pedro

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