pedro needs some tech support

Hola and Aloha, mi amigos! (Sorry – not sure how to make that strange little upside down exclamation point thingy.)

Today I was online, looking for inspiration. I found myself at Maru’s blog again, and saw something quite stunning that made me realize what my blog is missing. A camera. A great camera that will take fantastic action shots like this, without too many buttons to confuse my poor, technically challenged human.  With a simple interface.  And one she won’t notice on her credit card statement…  Any suggestions???

Et tu, Brute.  (That’s Spanish, right?)


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  1. Well Pedro, we sure can’t count on MY human to suggest anything….she can barely find the button on the top of her elderly digital camera to snap pix of yours truly. Technically challenged??? Oh YEAHHHH……so perhaps some of your other fans who actually know about photography can help you suggest appropriate equipment so your human can capture you leaping through the air with the greatest of ease. I’m too old to leap anyway I suppose…….sigh. 😀

    Your BFC Sam

    • Hey there, Sammy! You’re not too old to leap! Maybe too old to leap very far, but not too old to leap! 😉 I’m pretty amazed that the cat blogging community seems to have very few camera suggestions. I guess we’re all in the same boat with our limited humans…

  2. Well Pedro, Miss Kitty here, my human is also technically challenged. She compensates by snapping many pictures without paws. With the large quantity, at least a few are quality.

  3. Don’t look my way either! My action shots always end up with only the tail sticking into the frame from my human’s delayed reactions!

  4. I just have a point-n-shoot from Olympus that is relatively inexpensive. It has a movie button that will start taking HD movies with no fuss. I suppose it is not as full featured as a more expensive dedicated ‘movie camera’, but it does work.

    These cost about 150-250 dollars depending on features, and they are compact.

    I expect the other vendors have similar models (Canon, etc). I’ve always gone with Olympus because my first camera was from them and I’ve never been disappointed.

  5. Oh, my Olympus does have a mode where it will take 3+ shots right after the other that you just select from a menu. This would help if it is action stills you want. I have not used that mode myself yet, but I assume it works.

  6. Hey Pedro….dude….me again….I’m really missing my Hawaiian BFC lately – still working on the “technical difficulties” with your human?? Well, whatever – you are being missed by ALL of us out here in the blogosphere. Just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for another award – yep – “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers” award……I know – it’s a “Sister” thing but you might consider passing it on to your techno-challenged human….might get her motivated to get you ready to challenge Maru-san !

    Missing you…………..your BFC Sam

  7. Hi Pedro!! I have an unnecessarily fancy camera (nikon d-something) but you may have noticed that I don’t have any action shots. Mostly nap shots. Maybe because the Miao kitties mostly nap. I think using the manual settings on a point-and-shoot camera could be useful, if your lighting is good enough. But lighting is rarely good enough indoors. I think Maru lives in a photo-friendly apartment, which is why he gets so many good photos while the rest of us struggle.

    The other issue that I have encountered in my few attempts at action shots is that it needs to be a team effort. Being one person, it is hard to get the kitty model to leap and dance about while you are holding the camera steady, and a steady camera is especially important because of poor lighting. Sometimes I hold the feather toy in my mouth and shake my head to get a Miao(ling) to look up while I’m taking a photo, but for a LEAP you need to do more than shake the feather. I’m sure I look like an absolute idiot while I’m trying to take photos. Once or twice I have asked for my father’s help, but I get so bossy and impatient that it doesn’t really work out. I should try again.

    Otherwise, the 3+ or continuous shot mode that Oldcat mentioned works pretty well. The second or third photo is usually clearer than the first.

    • A good discussion of the issues. In my case, I go for the flash to get the shot and risk the glowing eyes, especially when doing action of any kind.

      But yes, balancing all the pieces is hard – probably my tiny camera helps with that, since I can aim and fire with one hand. Now in movie mode, I can’t move and shoot without huge wobbles. so far.

    • I admittedly don’t take that many action pictures, and my house has bad light all around, so it’s difficult, but I have left the camera propped up on something (random pile of books or on a tripod if I am really serious.) and then used the delayed whatsit function… where you press the button and then you have 2 or 10 seconds (depends on setting) before it goes off. Of course… cat has usually lost interest while you were fumbling with camera, and it then takes more than 2 sec to get him up and going again… but you know once it’s set, you point it in the general direction of action, have it zoomed out more than you want, but with good resolution, so you can crop to the relevant bit… with the amount of useless photos one always takes, it might not be worse than other solutions. Now I wonder if it can be combined with the 3+ continuous whatsit function. hmmm

      • I imagine it could. Another trick I’ve done (although it doesn’t give as high a resolution) is to just film a movie and cut out still frames with editing software.

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