big changes

I consider myself a progressive feline – a forward-thinker, a trendsetter, a mover and a shaker.  You might think that would mean that I enjoy change, but you would be sadly mistaken.  Like most domesticated cats, I prefer stability in my home.  How can I be sure my borders are well-marked and patrolled if they keep moving?  And how can I nap comfortably on a pillow that smells like a horrible department store and is not clearly MINE?

I’m not sure why, but the last week has been absolute madness around here.  There are boxes coming and going, old furniture being moved, new furniture being delivered, and just all-around chaos.  MY playroom/office (which my human calls the “box room”, and I think most of you would call a spare bedroom) has been emptied of my favorite, well-loved cardboard boxes.  I have no idea where they’ve been taken.  Apparently I am not an important enough member of this household to have any input in these matters…

I’ve been doing yoga and taking many, many baths to try to remain calm about the situation.  But yesterday everything came to a head and I had to voice my displeasure by urinating on my human’s pillow.  And I’m not afraid to use the urine again if things don’t calm down around here…  How is a cat supposed to work in an atmosphere like this???


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  1. Pedro….what on earth is going on in your household? Are you moving to a new home? Is your human doing that “nesting” thing that apparently afflicts a lot of female humans? Whatever the case may be, it sounds like you have lost control. This is not good. This will never do. This is certainly putting a crimp in your business plan. If you wish to escape the madness, locate one of those postage-paid boxes you USED to have there, hop in, and mail yourself here ASAP. You can watch the chaos from afar.

    Your BFC Sammy

    • Aloha Sammy! I don’t think we’re moving. I can’t imagine what she’s planning at this point. I just know I don’t like it one bit! Thanks for the invite – I might just take you up on that if this craziness continues. 😦

  2. Aw, Pedro. Peelease! The urine thing??? Goodness, things must be very upsetting there. Please keep us posted! We’re thinking of you, buddy.
    Love, Sundae

  3. My dear Pedro, please leave that pillow untouched… Bowie says “Meow!”. He’s thinking of you too. Hold on dear friend!

  4. You need some floof therapy, Pedro. Find a kitten to snorgle.

    I’ve had my pillow peed on, and Chun was every bit justified because I accidentally locked him in my room last summer. If he had peed in a corner, I never would have learned my lesson. Hopefully your peep learns her lesson too and things return to the way they should be.

    hugs and purrs from me and the miao(ling)s

    • Aloha, Littlemiao. My urination statement was in protest of litter box movement. I think my human learned her lesson because she gave me a guided tour of new litter box locations… I really wish I had a kitten to snorgle, Littlemiao. That would make all of this chaos a little easier to take. 😦

  5. Oh Cat! this makes me verrrrrrrry nervous Pedro…I know I have heard my “rents talking, like they think I can’t hear them??!! and they keep using the “M” word…”MOVE”…I just know my whole comfy world is gonna change…quivers…shudders…moaning….

  6. Bugs wants to go to Hawai’i. The Bean’s brother was just there — a place called Kwie, something like that? — sounds like your bean, Pedro, is doing some kwie-ing now for sure, after the WMD drop on her pillow — Let Bugs arrive and things will straighten right out. Then the two guys can go hang 8 and leave the crazy beans to stew in their own juices. That’ll learn ’em.

      • Fangie says he’d probably fall off the board, gangly goofy adolescent that he is, but thanks so much for thinking of him. He would like Bugs to go. He thinks it would be good for Bugs. And I *think* what might underlie that, unsaid, is that he thinks he’d get to eat Bugs’s food, in addition to his own, as a consolation prize. And have Bean all to himself, to drive completely mad once he’s been given his full scope.

        I think we have to wait a couple of weeks, while I slim Bugs down so he’ll fit in one of those flat-rate boxes. Double trouble. Pedro gets a box & Bugs. Look out.

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