You aren’t going to believe this – my human seems to have gotten another human!  He seems OK so far.  When he pets me his eyes watery and he gets sneezy, which I think is a sign that he loves me already…  I guess I don’t mind giving up my playroom/office for another human to cater to my every whim.  A little warning would have been nice, though…


unbelievable news!


18 comments on “unbelievable news!

  1. Pedro! You are now a two human household…..that’s a big adjustment but if he’s already crying for joy and sobbing into his hanky with sneezes of happiness then that’s a good sign. You’d best begin his training ASAP though…..they can be pesky before training is complete. No doubt there’s a “back story” to this newly added human thing and no doubt you WILL be sharing that with your BFC – right??? Hmmmm????


  2. Ah HA. The reason for all the uproar. Well WELL. Tell you what, that new leaky bean better pull his weight, that’s all I gotta say. Is he a male bean? I have not seen a male bean pull his weight in a long time. I need to be convinced. –Bugs

  3. Hello Pedro! I hope the new human treats you with appropriate reverence. You look very much like my Cupcake, except that she has a black mustache instead of a black nose. And you both are cuter than Maru (although I have to admit he’s pretty cute.)

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