perplexed and perturbed

I am perplexed.  And slightly perturbed.  (Note the eye lasers warming up.)

Kitty and I are now the proud feline owners of another human.  Adopting him and getting things settled has been labor intensive, but initially it seemed as though the benefits would outweigh the negatives.  But now I’m not so sure…

It’s true that the new human does play with me and we have long conversations, but I don’t really feel as though he worships me as much as he should…  He doesn’t allow me to lick his shaved noggin, which looks so inviting.  And even though I’ve been displaced from my office to make room for him, I’m not allowed to visit him in there…  And the treats.  Cats in a two-human home get double the treats, right?  Wrong.  Not a single treat from this new human.  Not a morsel.  Not even a teeny-tiny bite dropped on the floor “accidentally”.  Can someone please remind me of the benefits of living in a multi-human home, because I’m just not seeing it???


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  1. My dear Pedro, give the new human some time. He has to adapt to a new environment too. But you’re right about the treats – you should get double! Bowie says “Meow!”

  2. Choice of laps? On the double treat thing, I think that statistically, in any two human home, especially where there is one male and one female, one of them will be the treat giver. It’s a kind of unsaid treat dynamic. Now, if you want more treats, then you need to request the non-adult humans. And be specific about the age. 4+ is your best bet. Younger than that and you have to lick the treats off them. Not only do the non-adult variety give more treats, but they forget that they’ve done it. So if you’re in any kind of luck, you end up with exponential treat explosions. Sincerely, Mojo Cat

  3. Pedro – this is a time of “adjustments” in your household and I’m sure once the newly acquired human has had more of a chance to observe the incredibleness of yourself, he will realize how lucky he is to share YOUR space and the treats will come forth. We can only hope. Keep the faith.

    Your BFC Sam

  4. It can be hard to train humans to give you treats. They get so overwhelmed by your adorableness that they forget everything else. Neither Papa Miao nor I are good about remembering to give treats, even though the Miao kitties are very deserving. So while I am not hopeful that the new human will ever learn, at least you get conversations and entertainment from him. Just be glad you have one peep who remembers treats.

    Hopefully he will reconsider and let you lick his head. When my brother used to shave most of his head on a regular basis, he would always let me pet him.

  5. Try sitting outside his door at 4 a.m. and reminding him. You could talk to him; keep repeating the same short phrase because monkeys aren’t that bright, as you may have noticed!. And, don’t forget to paw at the door to suggest he open the door. If you have to, reach under the door and swipe at anything that could be there.

    Maybe he’s waiting for YOU to give HIM a treat! Anyone you know like to hunt mice?!

  6. Hang tight, Pedro. There must be some techniques you haven’t tried yet to bring this new human under your spell. He has probably had some distractions, too, that have prevented him from realizing the appeal of his head. Give him some more time to settle in, and I’m sure things will go your way.

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