back from sacCATical…


Remember me???

I had to take a brief sacCATical to take care of some feline business, but I’m back now and ready for all of my adoring fans to begin adoring me again. I apologize to those of you that missed me terribly, but I think you’ll be excited to see what I’ve been working on in upcoming posts.  Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on in the world of Pedro the Cat:

  • As you may recall, before my leave I had just acquired a new temporary human that needed some serious training.  The progress in getting him to let me lick his barren noggin has been a little disappointing, but I haven’t given up hope yet.  I have been able to teach him a few impressive tricks that I can’t wait to show you all.
  • As you also may recall, my roommate cat, Kitty, was older than dirt.  I am happy to report that Kitty has not yet kicked the bucket, and she is now even older than older than dirt.  I believe she may be senile because she does seem to love me now.
  • And I’m sure that you all remember my underachieving human.  She is still underachieving.  But she is spending more time brushing me and administering mani/pedis.  (Or would that be pedi/pedis?)
  • As you may recall, I had accrued enough income from my WordAds to bring home the bacon.  A slice or two…  I am thrilled to announce that due to the diligence of my fans, even in the absence of new posts, I am now able to afford the entire pound of bacon.  Maybe even a pound of the fancy applewood smoked bacon my human loves.  Thank you all for your continued support!

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  1. Pedro! Old Buddy Old Pal! I wondered where you were but it sounds like you were quite a busy guy during your “break”. You were missed….SO MUCH has happened while you were gone. I am glad that all’s well in your world and that your elderly companion is still around and has mellowed out to the point she’s tolerating you! Will be anxious to hear more about what you’ve been up to.

    Your Pal Sammy

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